Tuesday, September 19, 2017


So many hellos and new seasons of life these past few months....

B A B Y  H Y A T T 

About seven-ish years ago, I "met" Chelsea through our blogs. When I moved to Atlanta, we actually got the chance to meet. I still remember the first time I met her. We met at a bar called Five Paces with some of her friends and it was SO loud we couldn't hear each other at all! But we smiled and nodded a lot. 

My first summer in Atlanta 

  Our next few meet-ups were a lot more successful and we've gotten the chance to share so much life together from trips, to Chelsea's wedding, birthdays and Chel's baby shower a couple month's ago. Baby Hyatt is due any day now and I can't wait to meet her!

C O O P E R  J A M E S 

The story of Cooper James starts nearly seven years ago when I met his mom, Whitney, the first week I lived in Atlanta. I moved on a Monday and the next Sunday I went to Buckhead Church. They talked about these Starting Point groups and since I had no friends in this great big new city (Lonely Party of One!) I decided to sign up. There was one spot left and the following Monday I found myself sitting next to Whitney. She was not my initial target. Haha! (She knows this story and we still laugh about it as I was not her initial target either!) I had come up the elevator with a girl named Heather who I had sized up as the perfect new friend. Unfortunately for me, Heather was more interested in becoming besties with Hannah across the room. But f o r t u n a t e l y for me...Whitney and I ended up talking and have been best buds since.

I think Whit and I have shared nearly all of life's major events together. I was even there when her now-husband asked her out on their first date! And just a few weeks ago...we said hello to sweet Cooper James and he is precious and so perfect.

And I can't forget Jess....who Whitney and I met through our first small group we did together. Jessica said hello to a brand new year a few weeks ago and we celebrated her at Kyma. We've shared a LOT of birthdays together; thankful for her!

Kyma with Jess and Katie 

(and yes, I cut my hair and yes, I hate it. But after 15 years of the "microtrim" I had quite a few dead ends to lose. My hair dresser promises me it will grow!!) 

Happy Mid-Week friends!


Katie said...

you look good with a baby

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

So many special times and gorgeous friends!! Now come to South Africa so we can do the same lovely lady x

Katie said...

Missing your posts today, friend. I hope one day you blog again. xo

Goldenslot said...
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Katie said...

blog again soon ok?