Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekend Trips

It's hard to believe it's the middle of the year! How does time go so fast yet also seem so slow some days? 

Earlier this year, I was able to go away for two long weekends with some of my favorite girls. The first was back in March where I met up with Kristin and Katherine who live in Charleston. Kristin is one of my dearest and oldest friends. I met her when we both lived in Beaufort after college and when I moved to Atlanta, she moved to Charleston. She introduced me to Katherine who we visited in Charleston nearly every weekend during the summer. Just love time with these girls - so down to earth and fun. 

Kristin & I on the Greenville Bridge 


Greenville, SC was a good "mid-way" point between our cities and it's such a fun town. The downtown area is beautiful with fun restaurants, boutiques and charming waterfalls everywhere.  

We snacked our way through the city, did some shopping, talked about everything that had happened since the last time we saw one another, celebrated Kristin's engagement and capped our night off with a fun rooftop dinner. This place had fur lap blankets which is a major win in my book since I am always cold. 

Then in April I flew to Raleigh with part of my Atlanta crew, Jessica and Katie, to visit Danielle who moved to Raleigh earlier this year. 
Me & D

 I've shared a lot of life with these girls over the past six years. Always nice to remember that distance can't separate that. Danielle showed us all around her new town, there was also lots of snacking (are you sensing a trend?)


And though I'm a fan of getting dressed up, my favorite part is always that, not the actual going-out, just the getting-ready with girlfriends and talking and laughing.   

Courtney and I also took a pop-up barre class together in April which was so much fun. Even though we didn't have to travel out of town for this one, it still made for a fun weekend.  And it's always a good idea to check out the competition! 

Where's your favorite weekend getaway location? 

XO, Ashley