Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Reads

To those of you who know me, you may have seen this title and laughed, knowing that I have belonged to a book club for two years in which I have read precisely two books. 

What can I say, I don't like recommended reading....but I do love community tacos and girl talk. 

In the past few months though I've been reading a lot. Ok I'm still the slowest reader probably ever but I have been making my way through some books and especially more as the weather has gotten hotter and my weekends are usually spent poolside. 

I picked up Girl on the Train at Target the other day. It goes against my "no-scary-things" rule (see below) but it was between this and a wall of greasy Fabio-covered romance novels. Target is spot on for basically all of life's needs but their book selection is a little weak. I'm only about a chapter in, but so far it's intriguing.  

Hope Heals: This book is the story of Jay and Katherine Wolf and their incredible journey. Jay and Katherine were married right after college. At 26, six months after the birth of their son and in the month Jay would complete law school, Katherine suffered a massive brain stem stroke that left her severely handicapped. I can't express in words how amazing this couple is. If you're not down for reading but are more of a podcast kinda girl, you can watch their abbreviated story here.  

Fiction & Bios: 
Technically I read Gone Girl last summer but it's worth mentioning. Totally not my type of book. I have a rule that I don't watch or read anything scary that could actually happen in real life but I picked this up last summer and could not put it down. It's so twisted and eery but a page-turner for sure.

I've also been on a biography kick lately. I read The Magnolia Story last month. Calling all Chip and Joanna Gaines fans which, I'm convinced, Is about 98% of the world by now. This story is they met, how they started their business, their faith, etc. I love the way they tell the story together, how their personalities play through the pages and just knowing more about their life and their struggles, successes and failures.

Last month I read Unscripted and, you guys, I can't say enough about this book. It's one of those that I purposely read slow...just a chapter or two here or there because I didn't want it to ever end. Ernie Johsnon Jr. is a sportscaster for Turner Sports based here in Atlanta but his story is absolutely incredible. I found myself screen-shotting certain pages so I could go back and re-read parts. You can watch his story here.  


As far as Christian books go, I'm reading Finding I Am by Lysa Terkeurst. This is technically not an actual book but a  Bible study which I didn't know when I purchased it but I have been loving it. It's all about the deepest desires of our heart, and the first chapter is all about bread. I mean who can't get on board with that? 

And last summer I read Waiting on God by Charles Stanley which I've probably picked up and read portions of monthly since then. I have quotes from this book all over my apartment as daily reminders and would recommend it to just about anyone. This book is all about seasons of waiting and how we respond to them. 

Do you have any favorite books you’ve read recently? Despite my sub-par participation in book club, I do love hearing what others have loved lately. I maintain that my participation in tacos and talking have remained at above average levels!  


Navia said...

Great to see you back blogging more. I have a stack of books on my nightstand that I have been trying to work through since mid-June. I have been reading bit & pieces of Let God Fight Your Battles by Joyce Meyers, The Prophet, The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis, & an biography about Kick Kennedy (I'm a little of a Kennedy buff). Life happens, so I know I will eventually finish them hopefully before the end of summer.

Katie said...

You already know how I feel about the girl on the train and gillian flynn. You'd probably like Shauna Niequist. All of her books tend to be more like short stories/essays (think small blog posts all put together in a book) so they are easy to get through but really heart-warming/encouraging/beautiful/truth filled.

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