Monday, May 29, 2017

My Favorite Face Masks

There's a quote I see often on girl's tanks at the gym or Pure Barre that says "I don't sweat, I sparkle." And if that is you, I applaud you friend. Because that is certainly not me. I'm a full-blown sweater.

But despite spending the majority of my days in workout gear under a dripping layer of sweat...I love fashion and makeup and the girlier things in this life. 

Some days I want to set up camp in the aisles of Sephora so I can try out all the lipstick and nail polish shades. I typically emerge from that store with striped hands in varying shades of pink and stickier than a kid in a candy store from all the glosses. It's a fact that one cannot have too many shades of pink lip gloss! 

But recently, I've become equally fascinated with skin care products. If you tell me it will brighten, lift or leave me with glowy, dewy skin....put it in my cart! One skincare product I've grown to love are face masks. 

Thought I'd share my go-to mask favorites today!   

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask | 
By far my favorite. This one is magic and leaves my skin feeling so clean and really does leave that dewy glowy look. The only mask I've found that truly brightens my skin. As a note, I do not peel this off like other black masks, I just rinse it off. I think peeling is too harsh for your skin. 

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay |

This one wins smelliest but also most economical. You can get a tub of this stuff for about $10 that will last your entire lifetime. You mix it with apple cider vinegar (unfortunately). But when this stuff hardens, it pulls your skin so tight! Love this mask for cleaning out clogged pores and boosting collagen. 
Side Note: Keep a bottle of Drano nearby if you use this one a lot. Drains and hardened clay aren't the best of friends. 

Seacret Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask |

By far the coolest (and priciest) mask. This one is like a hydrofacial in a jar. It's mud from the dead sea (hence the price) which you apply but the cool part is that you take it off with a magnet! No scrubbing or peeling with this guy. Because of the unique removal process, all the minerals stay on your face instead of washing off. This mask wins "softest skin" for sure. I also saw that Dr. Brandt came out with a version of this and a rumored travel size for $24. 

Fresh Rose Face Mask | 
I was leary to try this one after a bout with Skin Inc's gel mask made for some super angry skin but I gave it a try anyway...(living on the edge over here!) And....I LOVE it! This may rival Boscia as my favorite mask. For one, it's super quick and easy - just 15 minutes. I take this with me when I travel since planes randomly make your face so greasy then immediately dry. It's great for all skin types and it's main purpose is hydration. I have to say, your skin will look glowing after this


What's your favorite skincare product or mask?