Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Shower Power

It's been a full month of babies and it doesn't stop there! I currently have 8 pregnant friends - all having boys with the exception of one! But last month, I got to celebrate with my three college roomies and their first, second and third babies. 

My first stop was in Greenville to meet Tara and Joe's newest addition. Grayson was supposed to be a June baby but decided to join the party early in May. Savannah is at such a fun stage, she was just a little bigger than Grayson the last time I saw her! Such a fun afternoon with these muffins. 

After seeing the newest Pinilla, I headed to Rina's baby Shower. Rina, Tara and I were all RA's together in college where we met. We've lived so much life together so it's so fun to see them in this phase of life. Rina moved to Boston a couple years ago; I was excited to finally see her again! Can't wait to see Baby Dev in just another month-ish! 

Throwback to our last year of college! 

Last weekend it was off to Columbia to shower Kayla and her third baby and first son! I met Kayla the very first week of college and we've been the best of friends since. Baby boy Wilkes is going to be so, so loved. 

Kayla and I at Tigerburn in 2006! 

My girls!

3 down and 5 to go....it's going to be a busy fall! 

Happy belated Fourth of July! What did everyone do?!
XO, A 


P!nky said...

WOW, so many showers, such cute lil babies.

Katie said...

Babies everywhere! All of these photos are super cute. You look good with a baby. Loving all your outfits too.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

What a happy time!! We have also had so many babies this year - but an even split of boys and girls! Missing you gorgeous friend x

The Padre said...

Hope Your Well


Katie said...

I really miss your posts. And missing you.

Katie said...

I would love to be able to go get some southern comfort tacos right now. My favorite. I love Atlanta

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