Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Joy List

Life is a balancing act . Without sadness how can one understand the joyfulness :)♥ I am just saying ...:

...The Joy list....

Charles Stanley Youtube Channel

Anyone going through a hard time? Trust that God is still working.  Inspirational quotes - Inspired wall art - Charles F. Stanley:
I currently go to Buckhead church which is led by Andy Stanley but I've started listening to Andy's dad, Charles, on Youtube and I feel like a kid in a candy store. His messages have been like hope in word form these past few weeks. I'm so glad there's so many on Youtube; it's like a good book that you don't want to end.

Speaking of good books...

My Aunt Robin is a published author!
My Aunt has been a writer for awhile now but recently her first book was published and, you guys, it is SO good! I read it before it was released and couldn't put it down which, if you know me, is a big deal since I average about 1.5 books a year. (I am the worst book club member of all time.) If you want to check it out, you can do so here. So excited for her!

Ilene and Puppies 
Ilene has been one of my very best friends since I was 6. And even though we've lived hundreds to thousands of miles away from one another, we've always kept in touch and somehow, managed to land only about 45 minutes away from each other now! She and Ryan (her husband) recently lost their sweet puppy Zooey which was so heartbreaking. But...on the same day...little Taylor Swift was born and I'm so excited for them.

I think Taylor is a fan!

Talking of puppies always makes me miss my little O'malley....this very much and appropriately reminds me of him....
@shannon2846  @ktk5  Mals! :):

Kayla Itsines BBG
app, kayla itsines, and breakfast image
The highlight of my day is typically always going to the gym. It just starts my day off right and I feel so accomplished after a good workout. I've been challenging myself more with the BBG HIIT workouts, added in about four two-a-days and more cardio in the mornings but I truly do love it. It's definitely exhausting though...I think I've been averaging a 9:30PM bedtime (I am a billion years old.)

Passing Tests
Very proud of this girl (my chocolate milk twin ha!) She had a big test that we've been anticipating and praying for for awhile and today....SHE PASSED!


I really hit the mom jackpot when it came to moms. Sad I can't spend Mother's Day with her but so happy I get to have her every day in my life (or that she puts up with me every day! haha) Also glad we both gave up 80s hair and Big bangs!

What makes you joyful?



Jess said...

I miss you friend! I feel like a bad friend for not texting, but with your 9:30PM bed time, mine is more like "pass out as soon as the baby goes to bed". Love you!!

Katie said...

I'll have to try to listen to some of those youtube videos sometime. Congratulations to your aunt on publishing her book!

You need to motivate me. I'm so discouraged with fitness and nutrition and finding it so hard to get back into it. And I'm getting fat and plus the unhealthy effects. blech. I want to do it but I just don't know how to get back into that place.

Your mom is so beautiful! Tell her I said so :)

And thank you very much for mentioning me in your post. That means a lot. Thankful for you.

Oh, and a I blogged again too.

Unknown said...

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