Friday, March 4, 2016

Life Realizations - the good, the bad and the now

Clearly me and the blog have been in struggle station for the past couple weeks but, some random thoughts for a too-long-in-coming Friday. 

1. Facebook Timehop reminded me yesterday that 3 years ago I went on a 7-mile run in the snow. Thanks for letting me know Facebook that I was either way cooler or much harder three years ago. Anything under 40 degrees and you can find me running on a treadmill inside the warm LA Fitness. 

Back in my running days (and my tan days)...come back summer!

2. The past two years, I made it my life mission to become part of the "it" crowd in this town. Not because I have a dire need to be popular. I'm actually kind of shy around people I don't really know. But because I thought I wanted to be out and doing things, meeting people all the time and this crowd looks like they are always having fun. But what I learned is that it is exhausting being in this crowd. Because well, you are always doing something. And more than that, you are constantly worried about your appearance, your weight, your clothes, For the first time in my life, things like Botox and bandage skirts and thigh gaps become very real and relevant things in my life.
party, music, and fun image

A few days ago a photo album of a "blackout brunch" appeared on Facebook. It was an event that 6 months ago I would have exhausted my phone book looking for someone to go with me to and scoured my closet for the perfect little ensemble. Instead, I saw those photos and thought "That looks awful." I'd much rather be at home cleaning out my closet (mostly of said LITTLE ensembles) which is exactly what I did last Saturday. It was a nice (lengthy) little life lesson I suppose but man, just be who you are kids. It's way easier when you remember you were created to be exactly who you are.  

#3. I know a blog is supposed to be words and sentences and things but, this picture, couldn't better depict where I am in life more than any words ever could. I just like it.

#4. I don't know how to use Linked'In. I got a promotion a few weeks back and was trying to update my LinkedIn profile and apparently sent all my contacts an email telling them about my new promotion. How.embarrassing. Basically...please congratulate me. 
bottles, prep, and champagne image

#5 This song for this week. Perfection.

Happy Friday! 
What's everyone doing this weekend?! I have big plans to continue on my cleaning circuit. Watch out laundry room..I'm coming for you.  I'm also teaching 937 classes at Pure Barre  over the next 3 days so if you're in the Atlanta area, come tuck with me!



Cat Simmonds said...

I've been meaning to try a barre class where I live! I really like how honest you are being about wanting to live a fun lifestyle and how hard it is to keep up with it. I was just like you about 4 years ago I decided I would start attending events around town to meet people and wear cute stuff, but now I'm lucky if I make it to a family function let alone a social event! Trust me, you will totally learn that your FOMO will totally go away and you will become super selective about what social events you decide to attend, most likely not the ones with Fakes.. Have a great weekend!

P!nky said...

I hear you on the hustle and bustle of the it crowd. it's great having fun things to do but it is sooooooooooo exhausting. I prefer the quiet now.

Hope all is well love!

Unknown said...
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