Monday, January 18, 2016

Friday's Letters...The Delayed Version...With the Unprofessional Work Attire, Henre and Cupcakes & Puppies

Ahh Friday.....Monday, here we are again! I had a big project at work Friday that kept me up late Thursday night and an early work day Friday morning so, this little blog got put on the back burner unfortunately. Playing a little catch up today with Friday's Letters. 

Dear Star Wars Shirt....After a late work night and an early work morning, I rolled up into work like a hot mess wearing you Friday. I think you might actually be a pajama top. I've never even seen one Star Wars. Like how do I even own you?

Actual apparel worn Friday 

Dear Star Wars Shirt Again...Even if you are the most unprofessional thing I could have ever worn, you are also the most comfiest so, I'm not hatin'. No hard feelings but, you will probably never be taken into public again. 

Dear People in the Self-Check Line with full carts....I'm just going to speak for everyone in line behind you....whyyyyyy?! Unless you are buying lip gloss, gum or a year's supply of Preparation H....there really is no reason you should be in this line. 
worst grocery shoppers, grocery store assholes

Dear Henre the Air Plant.... (that's pronounced "On-Ray.") I know people may laugh that I have named you but, technically you are a living thing and a fancy one at that - you deserved a fancy  name. You bring me so much joy with your little purple Mohawk.

Dear Bitmoji....You are like my new favorite thing! I have full on conversations with my sister via bitmoji. She loves it. And by loves it, I mean she hates Bitmoji Ashley

Dear Shalyn....I'm so sad I couldn't be in Austin for your big 30th Birthday Slumber Party but can't wait to celebrate with the rest of the Dream Team in just a few months! Love this video Ash Bash put together - you make me laugh! 

Dear Katie...Thank you for being such an amazing friend and surprising me BIG time last week when I was having the roughest day with the best possible gift ever. Did you know it is scientific fact that cupcakes can make a terrible day better (also, I am a scientist now.) But for real, feast your eyes, I dare you not to feel immediately happier. 
P.S. - I am officially changing the term "muffin top" to "cupcake top" after this week - it just makes more sense.

Dear Skincare Products...After an unfortunate incident of old lady jowl appearing in a picture, I am getting serious about you! Can't wait to share some of my new favorites! 

And since I refuse to post the aforementioned pic, I'll leave you with this adorable one of my puppy nephew. He's just the best. 

Happy Work Week Babes from me and O'Malley!



P!nky said...

People and the wrong number of things in the easy check out drive me bonkers. How did they get this far in life not knowing how to count?

Love the fact you named your plant, you fancy huh?

Katie said...

Did you take those photos when Shalyn visited Atlanta? I feel like I recognize those outfits from the pictures of then. Is that creepy? (Also the amount of times I almost wrote Shaylyn is ridiculous. #strugglebusalltheway)

Were the coconut cupcakes any good?

Btw did you ever make that fake snow I sent you? You never told me and I wanna know how it turned out. Or have you worn that top I sent? Did it fit okay? Fun fact: I have a photo of me wearing that top I bought you. You know because I did consider keeping it for myself. hahahaha. #truestory