Wednesday, January 20, 2016


They say the first step to recovery is admission. 

My name is Ashley and I am a product junkie. 

Sephora is basically my Disneyworld. I can spend hundreds hours in that place. I mean there are rows upon rows of the glossiest lipsticks, palettes of the prettiest pink blushes and oodles of skincare products filled with moon dust and unicorn eyelashes promising to make your skin what it was when you were 20. 

People who say 30 is the new 20 are liars. (Or they are related to Christie  Brinkley who I think is a straight-up non-human with those looks at her age!) Because I'm just going to say that when I was 20 and got 4 hours of sleep, I popped out of bed looking like a fresh daisy chain with dewy skin and wide eyes. And now, on 4 hours of sleep, I look like I may have become overnight BFF with Miley Cyrus, spending my nights puffing down a hooka, dying my armpit hair and chowing down on Little Debbies and Vodka. Ahhhhh youth! 
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Remember that little famous song by Cher...If I could turn back time? I've taken those lyrics to heart and made it into my new 2016 mission, a little thing I like to call "Cher-ing." You know, turning back the  years on this face (while keeping all the wisdom and awesomeness). ;) Kiddddddding. 

So today I wanted to share a few of my new fav skincare products!

#1. Sunday Riley 
My little Seattle muffin Sabrina turned me on to this brand and they are my current favorite. I want to marry this night sleeping oil. The price point is a little steep so, samples, are where it's at girls! Sorry Sephora, I have to pay bills too! Or wait for a value set to come out which is what I did. Loving the Good Genes and Night Sleeping Oil! 

#2 Moisturizers 
I have become a moisturizing feign! My favorite daytime moisturizer is still Aveeno. Sometimes basics are best. I have friends that swear by Cetaphil but I like Aveeno because it has SPF in it too! At night, I'm a fan of straight up Dove moisturizer or this FAB one that Julia turned me on to. 

#3 Olive Oil and Castor Oil 
If you're anything like me, the thought of putting straight up oil on my face made me cringe! Who does these things?  I mean, why not just rub a bag of potato chip crumbs on your face? #amiright But one of my friends who has THE MOST perfect skin said this has been her skin trick for years. And as I stared into her poreless nose, inches from her face, in a bar bathroom one night, I was sold. Every night I use this little magic combo with a hot steamy washcloth and let me tell skin is not poreless (yet) but it does feel amazing and looks so fresh in the morning! It's like a little sauna for your skin.

#4  Washing your makeup off every night
And no....a makeup wipe no longer counts. We're talking soap and water ladies. Nighttime is when your body rests and repairs itself and your skin is no different. No matter how tired I am, I always take the time to scrub the face paint off for the day and let my skin breath for the night. 

What are your favorite tricks to keep your skin in tip-top shape?! 
XO, A 


Sarah said...

You are speaking to me girl. I've made it my mission this year to take better care of my skin too! I'll have to check out the products you mentioned. I just recently starting using Andalou natural fruit stem cell creams and so far so good, but I'm always looking for other recommendations!

Brittany said...

Wait wait wait disposable face wipes don't count?? I live by those things!

Ginger said...

Ashley, as a just-53 year-old who has been told MANY times at work that I look 40, I agree you must clean your face each night. That is a must. I use Mary Kay products, including a night moisturizer. You are smart to take care of your skin now. Of course, you have great genes with your mom looking so youthful, but you do your part as well.

Katie said...

I use Aveeno too! Have you ever tried coconut oil on your face? It is really great stuff, it may seem like lard at first but it turns liquid fast. I use it on my skin for my health issues because it helps pull out toxins from your body and it also makes your skin really smooth and soft. It also whitens your teeth if you do oil pulling (swishing coconut oil around your mouth for awhile and then spitting it in the trash or toilet, don't spit in the sink. That much can clog drains.) I have a little jar I keep with the coconut oil in it, I melted the oil first in the microwave and mixed oregano oil with it but that is to help kill off the bad stuff on my skin. Sensitive skin should avoid oregano. Warning. You could do plain coconut oil or mix it with other kinds like lavender or something soothing. There's lots of oils to use. But like I said it can work just as well on its own.

I've recently started washing my face every morning and every night. In the morning I use Olay Active Botanicals Cleanser (It lathers really well, makes my face soft, doesn't irritate my eyes. It also has lasted a really long time cause it is one of the products I won in that giveaway like back in September or October and it still hasn't run out.) then I use my 100 Percent Pure face brush on the cleanser to kind of work the pores - it's really soft, definitely not an exfoliant brush of any kind it felt like touching angel wings when I first got it before it was used, but I feel like it does a good job at least getting the cleanser worked in. Then I use Aveeno Positively Radiant for my moisturizer.

Then for night time, at Marshalls recently (during my big shopping spree of $130), I bought a sample skincare kit of Rosehip by Essano. It's all little tubes/bottles of everything so it won't last me long but it was only $15 and I figured I might as well try it. So I use that just in the evenings. I remove my makeup with a makeup remover wipe, then put the Rosehip Cleanser on, massage that in with my 100 Percent Pure brush, rinse it. Then put a little of the Rosehip moisturizer on. Then I put the straight up Rosehip oil on my face, massaging into my trouble spots - so like sun spots on my cheeks, the forehead wrinkles, scars on my face. Then I put on some of the Rosehip night cream on my face and neck. And done. I think my face is at least a little bit clearer since I started keeping up with it every day and night but I am not sure. I guess we'll see if it continues to improve. and oh my lord. What did I just write? A whole blog post of my own in your comment section? Yep pretty much.

Katie said...

Did you miss me? hahaha