Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday's Letters....Party Crashers, The Bargain Shopper and Some Holiday Tucking

Dear Victoria Secret Fashion Show Party...You are one of my favorite holidays of the year. It's so much fun to slam on some Victoria Secret jams and watch these amazing supermodels with your girlfriends. Every year Tribble and EJ crash our party. I've gotten to know EJ this past year and he's super nice. He also trains Kim Zolciak, one of my favs, so naturally I categorize him as my celebrity friend. 

Tribble I know less well but this picture makes me laugh mostly because of this story. Ahh the circle of life. 

Ej and Kim 

Dear Body...I'm going to need you to pull it together. I'm on week 11 of my new workout plan and feeling a little discouraged this week because I'm just not seeing the results I want. But, the only thing to do is to keep on going. #amiright? 
fitness, motivation, and fit image

Dear the Georgia Dome...I met you this past weekend for the SEC championship game and you are quite fun, plus my company was the absolute best!  It didn't hurt that we had these amazing seats on the 50-yard line  and right in front of Tim Tebow (please be impressed with my football terminology knowledge). You were literally the best day ever! 

Dear This Outfit....I'm not really a bargain shopper but lately I have turned into a regular coupon clipper (let's forget the fact there were mad Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.) Purse was 23 bones and the skirt was 13. I mean....slow clap.  

Dear Pure Barre Family...Last weekend we celebrated the holidays early and it reminded me just how happy I am to be part of this amazing thing. We joined a conga line made up of 70 year olds, we crashed another party til we got kicked out and Rachel (roomie for life!) lent me accessories to dress my outfit up for pics since I came in a sweatshirt from the game. Best team ever. 
Hate that these came out so dark but still had to take one for the memories!

A little holiday tucking! Heels together, toes apart! 

From L to R: Carrie, Me (and all of Rachel's accessories,) Kristin, Cari, Deb, Lauren, Rachel, Taylor!

How are you spending this almost-holiday weekend! 



Jess said...

I LOVE that bag! I need it ... where did you get it???

Love you ... you are too cute!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Love you gorgeous friend x