Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday's Letters....Love Yourself, Friends in Weird Places and Egg Nog Diets.

Oh Hey Friday....

Dear Justin Bieber....I am a confirmed Belieber. There is no shame in my game. I think you are so dang talented. Your blonde hair is a little struggle station but this song makes up for it.

Dear Bald Tattooed-Man at the Gym....We have the same taste in tennis shoes it appears. Last year we showed up wearing the same pair of black Nikes and today I noticed we were also donning the same pair of flyknits. I'm not sure how I feel about that beyond that Nike may be lying to me when I select from the Women's category. #whoworeitbetter 
Dear Girl at the Salon....I feel like we really hit it off  during our 10 minute session. Is it weird to ask your esthetician if she wants to be friends? #girldate  Dear hashtags...I'm not typically a big hashtag kinda girl but somehow you only feel appropriate today. 

Dear Egg Nog...I've been making eyes at you at the grocery store for the past month. I think it's almost time for us to make the magic happen. However let's try not to make the "magic" of 2013 happen which was a 5 pound weight gain I blame solely on you.  Dear Kylie Jenner....After Miley  Cyrus started growing her armpit hair out and dying it pink, I realized it was a futile effort to comment on celebrity behavior. I guess they don't read Run With Me. But after seeing your recent Interview magazine shoot, I can't help myself. Having the ability to use your arms and legs at will, is a blessing. And the fact that you used a wheelchair as an accessory for your SM photoshoot was extremely distasteful. Not that tasteful is really your jam but man, homegirl you need a role model that's not a human pinata made up of 90% Botox, spray tan and fake hair. 

I refuse to post a picture of Kylie so, who doesn't love a cat meme (key word being meme)?

And on that note, Happy Friday you cute little readers! 



P!nky said...

Ugh Kylie, really?!?! Remember when she was young and cute and sweet?!?!

You blame egg nog and I blame sugar cookies. I just can't say NOOOOOO to homemade!

Brittany said...

I am new a belieber too!! And I have no shame about it. I am obsessed with watching his sorry performance in jimmy Fallon. Swoon

Katie said...

That is a pretty good Bieber song. His Hotline Bling cover is good too. I quite like hashtags but that's just me

Katie said...

And Egg Nog is disgusting