Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Wedding and a Birthday

It occurred to me this past weekend that I still hadn't blogged about one of my very best friend's weddings! Whitney was the first friend I ever met in Atlanta. I met her exactly two weeks to the day after I moved here. And this past October we celebrated her wedding to Nate - who just a little over two years ago I watched lay the moves on Whitney in the gym ever so suav-esque. And ever since they've been together. So fun to watch her go from a single girl to a fiance, bride and a wife. 

Today is also her birthday so I figured what better day to post about her beautiful wedding than today! 

This was the night before at the rehearsal dinner! So excited! 

Rehearsal Dinner-ing. I don't think I ever laugh as hard as when Shannon is around. 

Getting glammed up!

Matchy matchy 

{via Whit and Nate's amazing photographer who I don't know but will tag as soon as I find out.}


First Look! 

And the first look creepers


And then it was time to party. Absolutely adore these girls. They are my heart!

We have some sick dance moves....and by "we," I mean Danielle....

Bosom to bosom sternum 

Who says you can't double-fist when pregnant? Shannon defying all the rules!

It wouldn't be a celebration without one of these pics of me and Danielle on my phone #sohard

A few of the professional pics I snagged from Whit's Facebook. 

Gorgeous couple! Love them together. 

My favorite! <3 

There they go!! 

And for the heck of it....a little throwback to the first pic I have of Whitney and I in summer of 2011. 

And one of my favorites just because. 

Happy Birthday Whit...pretty sure the year is off to a great start :) 



Katie said...

Wow! Her wedding was really pretty. Tell her your friend Katie said she is one of the prettiest brides ever! That dress!

You have a really good looking stylish squad of lady friends. I'm jealous.

Still love those robes and super obsessed with your dress. You look absolutely drop dead bombshell stunning. I've never seen anyone rock the strapless dress so well. Wish I looked that beautiful!

Love seeing the pictures, glad you have a friend like Whitney (and the other ladies) adore the dance photo and happy birthday to whitney as well!

Frikken Duckie said...

Gorgeous! The bride, the dress, the photos and you! Love all of it!

P!nky said...

Beautiful! Stunning! Looks like a great time.