Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Few Holiday Pics

This time last week I was off work and fully embracing the wonderfulness of a little thing called vacation. This week, it's hard to believe that we have three full days of work left before a weekend. BUT...just a few weeks until we get to vacation and holiday all over again! 

Last week was spent with family and we had just the best time. I hadn't seen my parents since the summer! (world's best daughter, I know.) 

Thursday Morning Shannon and I ran the Turkey Trot - our SIXTH year! 


At the start line, getting ready!

It's a proven fact that matching leggings make your run 79% better

AND, this happened! I finished 5th in my division, 59th in my gender and 200th overall (out of 2,000 runners). 

That afternoon my Grandma came over for dinner. My dad had to work but we saw him for a few hours before he had to hit the road.
Me and Dad!

Grandma! Isn't she sassy with her matching pink tennis shoes!

Me and my morning phone buddy! I call her every morning on my way to work. 

The rest of Thanksgiving is not pictured as dresses were swapped for sweat Thanksgiving pants, movies were watched and a whole lot of loafing ensued. And leftovers...of course. Friday I went for a run at my favorite location - I just love running over the bridge and taking in this view. 

And of course spent lots of time with this fuzzy muffin

The next day Shannon and I donned our Christmas Elf apparel and delivered a Christmas Tree and saw Hunger Games. Have you all seen it? What are your thoughts? I knew it was coming but man, whyyyyy did she not choose Gale?! 

And then, just like that, it was time to head back to the A. How did you spend your Thanksgiving?! 



Angel said...

Love your outfit change between pictures with grandma and mom. Author was clearly not thinking correctly because who would choose anyone over Liam Hemsworth?

Katie said...

Congrats on finishing 5th! And your Grandma is cute