Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Schmattering. Feat: Friendsgiving

Where did November go you guys?! I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving Week! I did something I have never done today - I took a day off to just do whatever I want.

Typically I take a day off for an event or because I have to travel somewhere. So today....today I slept in til 5 (yes, that's sleeping in, That weekday grind schedule is hard to abandon.) I worked out and took a barre class, I Christmas shopped, put up my tree, packed for home, went for an afternoon run and even fit in a nap. I am really cut out for this stay at home life. Who wants to adopt me? 

girl, gold, and sleep image

This post really has no rhyme or reason...just a schmattering (I love that word...It is also made up.) of thoughts. 

Today my maintenance man came in to change my air filter. I chatted with him for a few minutes, closed the door, looked in the mirror and realized I had a bright pink biore pore nose strip on. Facepalm.

We had Friendsgiving this weekend and it might be my favorite non-holiday!

 Love these girls!

 Our host and brand new wifey!

 The whole gang (minus Shannon! Man we miss her!)

Shannon....now the gang's all here.

At said Friendsgiving, I was in charge of an appetizer and since I'm looking to stretch my culinary skills I decided to make an avocado yogurt dip I'd seen on a blog. It called for a clove of garlic and four avocados. As I began cutting up the bulb of garlic, I got about half way through and thought, "man this seems like a lot of garlic for this much avocado." And then I thought....."hmmm, I wonder if A CLOVE means just one of these little nugget wedges." And indeed friends, it does. So...I brought Garlic Avocado Yogurt dip to friendsgiving.

I decorated for Christmas today. My artificial tree must have been doing some post-season shedding in its box because he's looking mighty see-through this year. I slammed on some extra ribbon and bows, barely can tell. I call it Charlie Brown Glam.

And that is all she wrote (for today.) 

Happy Thanksgiving Week Muffins! 



Navia said...

I love sleeping in on holiday weekends. You are better than me though getting up and working out. I got up and did Thanksgiving prep instead of working out, which I probably should have done.

The Pink Growl said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ash!!

Katie said...

You girls are pretty

Unknown said...

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