Sunday, November 8, 2015

Friday's Letters....On a Sunday

Dear Little Blog...How I've missed you! I'ts been a whole week (plus two days) and I've been dying to write a bunch of posts. I've been submerged in prep for a huge client meeting next week so my days have been spent having the most intimate relationship with my laptop. #lifegoals #saidnooneever

Dear Miranda Lambert....I've never really paid much attention to you but after this whole Blake/Gwen drama, I think you are one classy little lady. Dear Ellie Goulding....Mind.Blown. Your whole album (well what's released of it) is incredible but this song has my heart.  

Dear Rain Coat....You might as well be my arm. Here we are on our 13th day of rain in Atlanta (after a two day break from the previous 14 day stint of rain.) I've divorced the umbrella as it's too difficult. Plus the fact that rain feels like normal weather now...I'm rain immune. Dear the Sun....Don't you fret. One day I'm going to tell my kids all about you and how yellow and warm you were. #Neverforget Dear Pure Barre Training this weekend.....Holy Tucking! I think I might need a cain after this past Saturday. Such an amazing training though and a great afternoon emerged in one of the things I love the most. 
Nursing Assessment - Pain Scale...  LOL:

Dear Readers....Who knows when I will blog again....two days, two weeks, a month? I'm sure the suspense will keep you up at nights....and by you, I mean my mom and sister.

Happy New Week!



Katie said...

I still haven't listened to those songs you sent me. And just so you know - I check your blog every day for new posts. So it's your mom, Shannon and me waiting in suspense

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to get assigned to my new clients after the 1st of the year to get back to Barre in Dunwoody. And I am STOKED for platform.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

We are always here friend x

Ginger said...

Ashley, not just your mom and sis!