Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday's Letters....Hello, Girl Things, The Sun

Dear Adele – While I do love your new song, what is it about? Are you outside? Ring the doorbell. Dear this book club idea going around facebook - I don’t understand how I can mail one book out and get 36 back but, if this model works, can we ditch the books and mail out $100 bills instead? Dear Friends that are girls.....I have spent the last 3 days being the single female with 14 men in all day long meetings and dinners. Who wants to come over and paint nails, online shop and watch obscene amounts of Bravo TV? 

I love Kim Zolciak. If you're not already, follow her on snapchat. Hysterical 

Dear Friends that are girls again....While I am the furthest thing from a feminist, I participated in a 3 day study with a test pool of 14 in which it was confirmed that females are by far the superior race. Dear The Gym....After a week away, we were reunited yesterday and how I missed you! We're like a little morning family. Even the key tag checker said "Hey! It's been awhile."  Dear People that complain incessantly about all the rain on's sunny today so I better see all ya'll hiking, biking, wearing sunglasses, having good hair days, lathering on the sunscreen, walking your dogs and having picnics.

 But for real...every person in Atlanta come summer

Dear the Holiday Cups at Starbucks....You are literally the dumbest debate ever to be had. I worry for our culture #sincewhenisrednotaholidaycolor? Dear The Weekend...While I will be spending quite some time teaching at barre this weekend, I will not be spending it in front of my computer like last weekend. Bring on the fun! 

What are you all doing this weekend?!

XO, A 


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Can we talk about Adele's extreme Photoshopping? What nonsense about the red cup - it IS a holiday colour and it's just a cup!
I have done the book exchange for my kids and it has worked well - it's been a few days and I've sent one book and received 8 already!

The Pink Growl said...

Agreed about the Starbucks "controversy" - INSANE! I'm over it! I hope you got some Bravo and girl time in this past weekend!

Unknown said...

Great letters. And to answer your question about the book thing. No. No you cannot mail just 1 book and get 36 back. My husband called it the book swap pyramid scheme, because you gotta rope 6 of your friends in for it to work and then all 6 of them have to rope 6 more people in who will do it. Yeah. (a) it is impossible to find 6 friends to commit and then for them to find 6. I did a baby book swap one - i ended up getting about 6 books. Still waiting on my other 30! :)