Monday, October 12, 2015

That Time I Was A Human Sponge

In my last post I mentioned that my sister and I were traveling to Clemson last weekend for the Notre Dame game and that inclement weather was predicted. If you've been watching the news you've probably seen that South Carolina has been flooding. Thankfully my family is all ok and safe. 

But the weather in Clemson Saturday could only be described as Noah-ish. true fan fashion, we loaded up the ponchos and rain coats and headed out early Saturday. The game wasn't until 8pm but Gameday was there and we'd never seen Kirk Herbstreit the show live! 

Up with the sun

At Gameday! The rain held off right until the end! 

Amazing seats that let us get close to the field! Also layered up in oh you know......6 layers.  #fluffy 

Our Seats! Shannon had gotten us amazing seats and then some nice old man gave us extra tickets that got us even lower in the deck. So nice! 

Right before kickoff! 

And then the pictures stopped...because the rain started and we were drenched. I can't even describe how soaked we were. All 6 of my layers were sopping wet. I walked into the ladies restroom, grabbed a paper towel and it disintegrated....human sponge for real! I'm not going to lie, I had a "Ross moment" in that same ladies room because trying to pull jeans on and off that are basically carrying about 30 pounds of water in them is a little impossible. I was about to send up an SOS flare to Shannon only my phone was in my 4th most bottom layer. 

And if you don't know what I'm referencing, you need to do yourself a little Monday favor and click here

Towards the end of the game I had to look at the lights to see if it was still raining because I could no longer tell. I was rain immune. 

But despite all the rain, we really did have so much fun. And even though our Irish lost and Clemson fans are super obnoxious, it was so nice to have a weekend with Shannon cheering on our Irish.  

How did you spend your weekend?! 
XO, A 


Laura Darling said...

Oh my gosh that Ross scene is one of my favorites ever. Hilarious. So glad your family is okay with the flooding, and I'm glad you were able to have fun despite the rainy weather!

Shannon said...

Uh - total super fan, right there.

I'm sugar and I melt, so I wouldn't have stayed! And I'm not sugar because I'm sweet - I'm sugar because my favorite foods come from the sugar food group. You are what you eat.

Little Tranquility said...

Hahaha Ross... That's the best. Sorry about the weather - that's always a bummer, but I'm glad you had fun anyhow! :)

My Froley said...

Haha omg that's hilarious. I just hope it wasn't cold rain !! I don't mind rain but when it's mixed with freezing wind it just makes me want to die !! Warm rain is alll good. Looks like you had a great time anyway and such a score on your seats !!!