Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Evening Confessions

Ahh it's been awhile but, confessions are good for the soul yes?

I Confess....I'm in love with my vacuum. I know this makes me approximately 75 years old but it's  new and I find myself vacuuming 3 times a week just to bust it out. I think we can say I've firmly moved into adulthood. 

Confession in a confession...This poster hung above my bed all throughout college.When I'm a fan I go all the way. Taylor Swift now hangs above my bed (I kid I kid!)

I Confess...I cried over not going to the gym tonight. Like irrational crocodile tears. It's been a really tough few weeks and for some reason I had my heart set on going to the gym after work. It was the only day I didn't have to work late or teach in the past couple weeks. But after sitting in traffic for an hour and going 0.4 miles (yes you read that correct) I realized the gym was not going to happen. I also shattered my favorite bottle of perfume this morning and spilled coffee all over my floor....and yes, I know these are trivial, first world problems. These are confessions not boasts.

I  Confess...I adore Bindi Irwin. It's been so cool to see her personality on Dancing With the Stars and this tribute dance she did for her dad had me a soggy mess. Seriously, this is worth the four minutes (your boss won't mind I promise.)

I Confess...I've got a certain Sur on my mind....And that would be Big Sur out in California. Ever since I discovered what a little hidden gem it was, I can't stop researching and planning and wanting to visit. Who wants to come with me?!

I Confess...I'm super excited for this week! Whitney gets married on Friday and I can't wait to watch her walk down the aisle and see all of my girlies I don't get to ever see.

I Confess....This song has been on repeat for me lately. I think Demi Lovato is a musical genius.

What do you confess?



Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

OMG!!!! Bindi Irwin's tribute is heartbreaking - sitting here sobbing!

P!nky said...

I know the feeling about the gym, ugh, that is quite possibly the WORST feeling wheny you JUST.WANT.TO.WORK.OUT! My mom ran the Big Sur marathon when we lived in Cali, I'd love to plan a trip with you!