Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Spooky Saturday

As many of you know I was in a very special wedding this past weekend which I will recap very soon but....until I can weed through the hundreds of pictures I took, I'll recap my Saturday night instead! My friend Allie who I met earlier this year has an annual Halloween party. She decks her house out, makes theme food (who doesn't like theme food?!) and dons the best costumes. 
Allie, Kristin, Me, Some Random Really Sober Creeper and Chelsea on St. Patrick's Day....we're real holiday people. 

Since I love Halloween, I was IN for the party! I saw a costume on Pinterest years ago that I loved - Day of the Dead. 'Ya Heard? 

Day of the Dead is a Mexican Holiday where friends and family gather to remember their loved ones who have passed. The belief is that their loved one's spirits come down to watch and participate in the celebrations - so, I went as a  Day of the Dead Spirit (i.e. a dressed up dead person). Spooky and Lovely!

Makeup Complete!

I made this! Seriously...for someone who has more Pinterest fail projects under her belt than needles on a pine tree, this was a BIG deal. You would have thought this thing was the $1 million dollar Victoria Secret bra.

Can't get enough of myself. I kid I kid.....In all reality....those scar and bone drawings were a beast to get off. I basically have no skin left. 

Me and the sexy Catwoman host  Allie!

How adorable are these cookies?!  

Werewolf of London....I believe this is from an old song lyric?

New Friend Superwoman.....also goes by Linnea

Gah, the photobombers

I think I love Halloween because it takes you back to your younger years of dressing up and pretending, if just for a night. Your reality can be anything you want (this would have been so much better if I went as something inspirational like a doctor or a hero and not a dead person....but you get the idea.) 

Happy ALMOST Halloween. 

XO, Booo, A


Rissy said...

you did such a great job making this costume ash! love love love

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Nice work friend, that bra is gorgeous x

P!nky said...

What a great costume, lady!!!! You did such a good job. Glad you had fun.

Navia said...

Awesome costume!!! You are way more creative than I am.