Monday, September 21, 2015

Tiny Treasures

In what was possibly the world's most boring, solo, depressing weekend in which I did nothing but housework and get my tan on (you feel me?) I am this morning trying to take account of all the little happy moments. Which I have dubbed tiny treasures because...alliteration 

Ryan Adams 1989
I could honestly write an entire post on this but seriously Ryan Adam's rendition of Taylor Swift's 1989 album has just made my whole week. I'm a big fan of some broody melancholy music. I Wish You Would, Blank Space and How You Get the Girl are my favorites....I mean if I HAD to choose. These are songs you need in your itunes. #yourewelcome 

I really get why people move back home now. I mean when you're younger it's all about getting out and exploring the world. And then you realize that your family are your like your best friends, and why wouldn't you want to live near them. That being said..I'm going to need for Beaufort to get a sports team and a skyscraper or two (can be read: a mall.) 

Pure Barre
I've heard quite a few clients say that pure barre saved their lives and, while that may seem a little dramatic, I get it. Because I feel the same way. Even if I'm having a crap-tastic day, there's something about going in, putting on that mic and taking a group of women through an intense workout - that may be the only time they have to themselves that day or may take their mind off whatever's going on in their they walk out with a lifted booty. I win. 

PenPals Friends
This is Marc (and his girlfriend Silvia!) I met Marc in college and we've kept up via Facebook message ever since. His job takes him all over the world (he just got a new passport after adding pages to his THREE times...I mean, unreal) and his stories about all the places he's been to and all the things he and Silvia are doing always make my day. Marc is a photographer as a hobby, he cooks, he speaks three (four?) languages and once grew these humongous watermelons in the middle of the desert...Like Yo God can I get just one talent over here #livingontunafish # doselfiescount

Office Bets and White Mani's

Despite not knowing much about the game of football (I find it quite convincing if you occasionally just yell out "punt!") I can be quite the trash-talker when it comes to my team. Such trash-talking led me in to an office bet of a bottle of wine. But even though we got destroyed lost, my office-mate-Dawg-lover was such a gracious winner that I showed up today to this little bottle on my desk. This means I have to be humble for the whole next year - thanks Spurrier.  

Also, white manicures....requires touchups as often as a newborn's feeding but...worth it. 

What are your tiny treasures this Monday? 



Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

You and your gorgeous self are my small treasure this week!
Have a fab week lovely lady x

Alex said...

This Ryan Adams album!!! Thank yo.

P!nky said...

I need to check out that album, I've heard great things about it. And you go girl, teaching. I hear you on working out when you're having a horrible day, it is quite possibly the best thing.

Sorry your team got destroyed, I was cheering for them for you <3 !