Friday, September 25, 2015

I am the Cleanest Person in Atlanta

I interrupt the regular scheduled Friday's Letters programming to bring you a very important PSA.

As we all know, crafts are not my thing. Pinterest projects are an utter loss on me. But Beauty How-To's, I'm admittedly pretty good at those. I'm a self-taught-contour-er after all.

So when I kept reading RAVE reviews about the Coconut Oil Hair Mask, I figured it was about time I try it. I'm an extensive researcher so it only took me about 57 articles before I finally broke down and bought this little jar of miracle cream.

I mean, you can eat it, brush your teeth with it, wash your face with it, put it in your hair....basically a miracle product as I kept reading. 

So on a Tuesday night, I could be found in my bathroom, slathering coconut oil in my hair and letting it set for the recommended 25 minutes. As a rule-follower, I was in the shower and ready to rinse at minute 24:59. When I got out of the shower, I noticed something wasn't hair felt super thick and I couldn't drag a finger through it.

"Coconut Oil Hair Treatment. Pinner says: I just did this today, and my hair is super soft and shiny! It also smells amazing." pin now, try later @ The Beauty ThesisThe Beauty Thesis:

I must not have rinsed thoroughly.  I thought.

Back in to the shower I went to wash my hair again.

It was after emerging from the shower the second time and realizing nothing had changed that mini panic began to set in. I washed my hair two times again that night - changing up shampoos as recommended. I dumped an unimaginable amount of baby powder and dry shampoo in my hair before calling it a night hoping that they would soak up the remaining oils.

When I awoke to get ready for the gym the next morning I ran to the bathroom, excited to see my amazing miraculous beautiful hair that everyone gets using the Coconut Oil Mask. Instead I saw this

Que panic!

I washed my hair for a fifth time before heading into work for a meeting I had to attend. I share the following picture with you just because I think it really drives home the point of how wrong my coconut oil hair mask went. This is after five washes...FIVE!

After someone told me I looked unbathed and another told me I looked like I'd just finished a really intense workout, I decided to work from home for the rest of the afternoon on the clause of not wanting to look like a greasy gremlin for the rest of the day. 

Long story short....and by long story I mean...8 showers, 2 egg white masks and 2 vinegar 30 hours, the oil finally came out. I am also the cleanest person that ever lived. 

So should you find yourself wanting to try this miracle mask, I will share with you information that none of these how-to's tell you. And that is to use this stuff sparingly....and by sparingly I mean you probably should just skip it altogether. 

Happy Friday...and you're welcome :)



P!nky said...

OH NO, dear, dear friend! I'm so sorry :(!!!!!!!! At leas you're clean, right? <3

Laura Darling said...

Ah! This sounds terrible! I will admit I've been tempted to do the coconut oil hair treatment in the past but now I think my mind has been changed! Ahh! I'm glad you were able to get back to normal eventually!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh no!!!! Sorry my Ash - I am always sceptical about using oils in my hair because my hair is naturally quite oily - DEFINITELY won't be trying this now! x

Alex said...

hahaha oh my goodness!! I don't mean to laugh, but I think it's all we can do in this situation, right?? I would have panicked big time, so kudos to you for dealing with it and even attending a meeting! I'm glad I didn't read this before putting on a hair mask last night!

My Froley said...

Haha that's hilarious. I remember having a similar issue when trying shampoo bars. It was really horrendous !! I do oil masks about once a week. Usually avocado oil but sometimes coconut oil too and have never had this issue but I do have to wash it about 2 or 3 times until I'm satisfied all the oil is out. Better luck next time :) :) :)

Shannon said...


So - did you do something wrong? Too much? Or did it just not work with your hair??

My hair is so naturally oily that I would never consider it.
My hair looks like your greasy picture after about 23 hours so daily hair washing is essential. And if I skip it on a lazy Sunday, by Monday morning, gas prices drop because people are excited about the oil found in Buffalo, NY.