Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday's Letters....The One with the Non-Cooking-Cooking, the Spin Seats and the Office Bet

Dear Friday's Letters...It's been a minute! 

But seeing that you are my reader's most favorite features (can be read...there's like 2 people that really adore you) I say, we recommence yes?!

So Dear Spin Class....I typically abhor you however this past Tuesday I went dragging and screaming (ok, not really) to a spin class on a rooftop. And I'm not sure if it was the picturesque views or the fact that these particular spin bikes had no RPM meters on them but....I think you and I could be friends....with the exception of your seats. Who are those made for? 3 year olds?!

Dear Random Night Out with Jessica....You were filled with really creepy and way-too-drunk old men but, you gave me a chance to put on something besides workout plans so I count you a solid success. 

Dear Healthy Peach Cobbler...You are kind of making my life right now. My sweet tooth forever loves you. #noncooking-cooking
To Make: Berry granola...look for one with lower sugar, plan Fage Greek Yogurt, fresh peaches and a drizzle of honey or agave.

Dear This Song....You've bee my workout jam this whole week!

Dear New Workout...I'm hesitant to share you just yet but I am LOVING you. I mean when I finish working out I love you....during the workout, I'm cursing your name! #sweateveryday 


Dear Gamecocks....For the love man, please beat Georgia tomorrow. I have somehow found myself in an office bet and I hate to lose!

Dear Friends - Happiest of


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P!nky said...

A spin class outside, how fun!!!! I bet it would be better than inside. Your cobbler looks delicious and your outfit looks amazing, smoking, lady!

Good luck to your team, I HATE losing bets too!