Tuesday, September 29, 2015

6 Ways You May be Sabotaging Your Workout

Typically fitness becomes a big topic towards the end of the year (i.e. December 31st) when you start thinking about New Year's resolutions. But why not get a jump on things and really rev up your fitness game now? Below are a few things to avoid when you're getting your pump on. 

#1 You Don't Have a Plan

For years I used to wonder around the gym and hop onto any machine that perked my interest that day. And while something is always better than nothing, lately I've been tracking my workouts. I tend to stay at the gym for less time than I used to and I leave a sweaty mess with sore muscles the next day....granted its not nearly as cute as my prior exits but I have to remember what I'm there for! 

#2 Not Having a Playlist

My current favs for the gym

I can't count how many times I've done it...run into the gym, pull up itunes and hit shuffle. I'm getting my fitness on, knocking out some burpies when all of a sudden.....Ed Sheeran's photograph comes on. Womp Womp. No offense Ed - amazing song - but, nothing is worse than right when you're in the middle of tackling an amazing cardio workout to a great beat and something slow and melancholy brings you right down into a cool down phase of mind.  

#3 Checking That Text Message
I am SO guilty of this. I'll be clipping along on a run and think "Oh I'll just check it out" and before I know my pace and heart rate has dropped as I try to quickly respond while still running.  
I've recently put a new workout rule in place - NO phone. If you have an iphone you can put it on silent and still hear your music. That way you can't hear when a text or call comes through. Those juicy texts will still be there ready to answer in 30 to 45 minutes. Make your fitness time YOUR time. No interruptions. 

#4 Hydration 
| | via Tumblr
One of the biggest things I learned when I was training for my half marathons was not only the importance of hydration but also timing. Hydration during workouts is important but being hydrated BEFORE a workout is even more crucial. 

#5 Switching It Up 
20-Minute Total Body HIIT Circuit | Fitness Republic
Another lesson from running I learned is that one sole form of exercise, isn't going to cut it. While I had the endurance of a Prairie Wagon Mule in my running days, I wasn't toned. Running is amazing cardio and cardio is key to your fitness regiment. But I've also found that resistance training and other forms really round everything out. I now incorporate four different types of exercise into my week

HIIT - High-Intensity-Interval-Training. This is my least favorite type of exercise. Think sprints. But, they're also the shortest. Just 10-15 minutes and you're out.

LISS - Low Intensity Steady State. This form of exercise is meant for to last for a longer period of time (hence it's name.) Typical LISS exercises would be a run or a long walk, bike ride or a yoga or Pure Barre class. 

Totally bias but one of the best LISS workouts ever #barresohard 

Circuit or Resistance Training - These are similar to a HIIT workout but done on repeat. Circuits are any group of exercises that you repeat 1-2 times in a set period. Rest and repeat. 

Stretching - Yes, stretching actually counts as a form of exercise! It's critical to stretch those muscles out after all the work they've done. Switch up your stretches and hold them for a good 10-20 seconds. 
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#6 Oversnacking
While it is smart to re-fuel your body after an intense workout, you need to check yourself. Does a LISS workout of a walk down the road really require a full protein bar or smoothie after? Probably not. Save those for your more intense sessions and maybe grab a banana in it's place. I'm not a big fan of counting calories but you want to make sure that you don't undo all the work you just completed by over-consuming post-workout. A lot of times we view food as a reward instead of thinking about what resources our body's need replaced. 

What's your key to a great workout?! 

XO, A 


P!nky said...

Fabulously informative post, lady! I like how you laid out all the different types of exercise that is great for someone who is looking to start. I love having a book where I track my exercises, it keeps me on track and is great to look back on and see growth. Well done!

Cat Simmonds said...

Great info!

Navia said...

I don't know about anyone else but I go through periods where I workout for 5-6 days a week and go full speed for months then something happens and I just get lazy. I like HIIT workouts personally but that maybe because I was a sprinter for 10 years and I get bored real easy doing the same exercise routine.

Katie said...

this is a test of katie's commenting abilities

My Froley said...

Wow you're discliplined. I do a bit of yoga but I need to start dong more toning stuff. I don't go to the gym so I'll just be using youtube videos. I'll definitely remember to get hydrated before my workout now though, it's never something I've really thought about before!


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Amazing tips my friend - well done x