Monday, July 6, 2015

Rain, More Rain, Bikinis and Binge Eating (i.e. the 4th)

Happy 6th! 

That is not nearly as exciting as Happy 4th is it?! 

We had a pretty rainy 4th in least in the morning. Every year Atlanta hosts the biggest 10K in the nation on the 4th. We're talking thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

If you look close, you can see me right in between the two founding fathers runners.
(Just kidding....I was like 97 waves behind these people! Fairly certain they were finishing the race as I was finishing breakfast.)

 I met up with some of my girlfriends to run. The sky looked ominous but wasn't rainy...until we hit the start line when the skies let loose. 

Kelly and I pre-flooding!

I mean buckets and buckets of water! My other friend Kelly (I am only friends with people named Kelly apparently!) and I were so desperate we grabbed two used ponchos from the gutter to put green of us right? My poncho apparently belonged to a giant because the head hole extended down to my waist. 

The Girls! 
(Confession...I only know like three of these people!)

Once it became apparent the rain wasn't stopping and we were completely drenched, we decided this was one of those YOLO moments and just went for it. I cannot explain how drenched we were. Three days later and my shoes still feel like they took a swim in a pool. My hair was one solid wet rat tail and my gutter-poncho was now creating a sauna effect so I was pouring sweat in between bouts of chill bumps from the rain and wind. I looked like a gremlin from the rain pit of hell.BUT....we had!
Photo Finish! 

We had initially had pool plans but seeing as the forecast was still calling for 100% rain, we decided what better way to celebrate America than with Mexican food. We figured we were safe from impending near nakedness and had a feast of tacos, churros, guacamole and tostados. 

And then.....THEN....the skies parted and all the rain disappeared replaced by the brightest purest sun and perfectly clear day. Seriously Atlanta...can't you throw a girl a bone?! 

The Pool People began to call and text and after much persuasion (peer pressure is such a beast), we poured ourselves into swimsuits and hit the pool. Let's pray "Mom Bod" becomes a thing real soon.

My Red, White and Blue Babes.....and Matty.

We spent the day with friends at the pool having so much fun and then walked over to Shake Shack for a traditional American dinner.

And we went ALL out...Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Milkshakes, Malts. I mean, we had to - it's like fourth of July law!

We made our way back to the pool to watch fireworks that night in probably the best place in Atlanta. We saw the downtown fireworks and the Lenox fireworks!

Obviously not my photo (whose fireworks photos every come out?!) but this was our view and it was incredible! Such a fun day with friends. Making those memories!!

How did you spend the holiday?!



Courtney@PancakesandSparkles said...

That food from Shake Shack look absolutely gorgeous! My mouth is watering right now, I want one! I am so glad the rain cleared so you could head to the pool and celebrate the 4th the right way;)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

How gorgeous are you???? And running in the rain sounds like a great moment!!!
Drooling over Shake Shack! x

Erin LFF said...

Psh- mom bod?! yeah right girl- you look flawless ALWAYS!! I'm jealous! :) Haha, your rainy race reminds me of how drenched we were in March for our 1/2 marathon. Only it was also FREEZING, ugh- worst race ever!

The Pink Growl said...

That food!!! YUMMMMM! It rained a ton here last week too, but eehhhh what can you do! Love seeing all your pics and you having fun!