Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting To Know You

I like to know random things about people. I think it's what makes them unique and interesting. And I tend to remember them all. So here's a few about me! Leave something about yourself in the comments! 

I picked my major after watching a movie....Hallmark put out this movie my senior year called This Time Around and it was about this girl who managed the public relations for a guy opening a restaurant. Naturally they fell in love. And she had amazing clothes. And she got to do things like pick paint colors and arrange flowers. PR isn't really like that. It's a lot of press release writing for riveting things like ground breakings and whose running for local School Chair and crisis management. Basically there's a lot more paper work and a lot less making out. Don't pick your major from a movie kids.

I put everything in excel....need to dust and do laundry? That clearly calls for an excel to-do list. I lead an organized life what can I say.


I listen to music more than I watch TV.

I don't sleep a lot....Like, average 5 hours a night. "Sleeping in" is filed under anything more than 8 hours. 10+ hours would be considered straight up hibernation.

I joke that I am a Stage-5 Spider-Monkey Clinger.....Most would find this an alarming quality. I however think it means I just REALLY love people like a whole lot. It allows me the ability to keep loving people even when they're basically married with three children (cough cough gym boy).

I'm not this creepy...I just love her character!

I didn't dress up for Halloween until I was in college. Growing up our family was never big on Halloween...we celebrated "harvest"...which thankfully still involves mass amounts of candy AND games like eating a powdered donuts off a string with no hands...I mean, skills. So in my adult life I have a newfound love for Halloween....basically I just like to dress up as all the things I'd like to be...cheerleader....prom queen....#homeschoolprobs 

My first adult Halloween. I was a love bug. And those wings were a bad idea. I can't tell you how many belt loops and door handles I got caught on that night. Clearly "sexy halloween" was not my forte. 

I am an awesome driver but a terrible parker....I should probably clarify that by "awesome driver" I mean incredibly safe driver...I'm no Mario Andretti on the streets of Atlanta. (But then again, no one really is. With so much traffic, I think we get to go about max 30 miles per hour on a good day.) But seriously, why is parking so hard? I mean, it's right up there with putting air in your tires.

Now that I've solidified myself as nerdy, music-loving, Grandma-driver....who REALLLLY loves people....and Halloween, tell me something about YOU!

Happy Almost Friday!



Ginger said...

I LOVE to bake....all from "scratch," though I give it all away. As a teacher, it is not hard.

Angel said...

Love these! Finally stepped out of my comfort zone bubble a little, and my first article was published! The link is on my fb. Let me know when you have time to talk some. Love you!

P!nky said...

So much fuN!!!! I never knew you got so little sleep! I need sooo much sleep or I crash!

Unknown said...

I'm glad I'm not the only excel lister--- makes grocery shopping a breeze tho :)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

I LOVE these about you - and they made me chuckle!!
I am quite severely OCD - i organise everything, I have lists for everything, I don't walk on lines and all numbers have to be even (like volume control etc).
We don't celebrate major holidays in a big way (Easter is a family day and Halloween isn't a big deal) but I MAKE them big deals - I should be American.
I have avocados - I cringe just thinking about them.
I have a clear memory of breaking my leg is a little girl - but my mom says it never happened!