Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday's Letters....Pink Hair, Fall In Love and Office Socks

Dear Readers...Happy Friday! I'm taking off early to go celebrate one of my best friend's birthday in South Carolina! Dear Pink Hair...My own hair doesn't like dye, harsh chemicals, heat or non-sulphate shampoos (I mean...diva!) but I kinda love this look for fun. 
#Scene #hairstyles Taylor Swift - "22" (Red) - BBMA: 2013
Dear Alaska....I kind of want to visit you. I am a beach person through and through but I've been researching this great snowy state. It just intrigues me. So much wildlife and raw beauty. Dear This Song....I am OBSESSED with this you. You need this on your ipod. 

Dear Coworker.....I wish you would wear your shoes. You've recently taken to just sporting your socks around the office. BUT, you have stopped playing talk radio out loud and taking your conference calls right behind my desk win some, you lose some I guess. - Timeline Photos | via Facebook

Dear Ashley....You probs shouldn't blast your music so loud. You walked away from your desk listening to itunes for a good, 10 minutes, only to return and realize that you had been blasting the most emo, sad Pandora channel (think Evanescence) for all your coworkers. #facepalm Dear Taylor Swift...As always I'm loving  your music but some songs are just speaking so loud this week. #Taylorforever!



P!nky said...

GO TO ALASKA in the summer and your life will be changed! I loved it and want to go back so badly!!!!!!!

I want pink hair, too!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm dying to go to Alaska! Girls trip? :) I totally thought that pink hair pic was you at first. I love that look!

Erin LFF said...

Alaska is at the top of my list too!! It's SO BEAUTIFUL in photos, I can't imagine seeing it in real life!

Alex said...