Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday's Letters....Johnny Depp Jr., Tumber User Error and a Birthday.

Dear Friday's Letters....It's been a minute but, here we are. 

Dear Becky from Big Brother....I was texting my friend Sarah about how interesting looking your teeth are. And 5 minutes later you say that you got hit by a train and your teeth fell out...a TRAIN. I mean....way to make me feel like a total creep. Dear Peachtree Road Race Photographers....As a photographer I feel you should know that taking pictures from a low angle is the LEAST flattering angle possible. Me and my apparent 900 pound thighs will not be ordering any photos for "memories sake" but thanks. Dear Facebook Quizzes that I love so much....Apparently I was supposed to be Johnny Depp Jr.....or possibly Harry Stiles brother.....basically even if I was born a man, I'd still be a girl.Winning. 

Dear Tumblr....You are new to me but I find you to be more frustrating that a Pinterest link that leads to a picture. I mean I click on you and get led to a link from 9 centuries ago with a bunch of spam comments. I'm not sure I understand the purpose. You also make me feel 85 years old. Dear Snapchat....You keep me young. I get you. I mean it may have taken me 5 months to realize how people were adding stickers to their snaps but now I'm like total Snap Pro. Although I have realized I'm that sad person that snaps food.....because that's exciting.
My exciting Friday night!

Dear Jessica....Happy Birthday!! You're such a sweet and amazing friend and I hope today is the start of the best year ever! (Although with the arrival of Alexander, it might be hard to top!) Love you! 

Muffins! <3

Happy Friday!!!



Angel said...

i hated tumblr at first too! now it's just annoying to sift through pointless pictures but it can be entertaining. and upward-angled photos are the worst. happy friday, love you!

The Pink Growl said...

hahahaha that FB quiz!!!!!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

Haha you're cracking me up. But furreal, why were those stickers so tricky lol. And shouldn't those photographers know better! Boo

Shannon said...

Are those cocoa puffs in your cereal bowl?

I haven't had those in ages and now I want to walk out of my office, leave work, go to the local grocery store, buy a box and pour that entire box into my mouth without spilling a single puff.