Monday, June 15, 2015

The Ice Cream With The Sprinkles

I'm fairly certain there's an unwritten rule somewhere that birthdays must be celebrated with dancing and dresses. It's like birthday law. 

But being more of spontaneous personality type, I had made no such plans to don said dress or locate a dancing venue. When my friend Chelsea asked me what I was doing for my birthday, I was all like...

Thankfully Chelsea is a birthday Godmother. I met Chelsea through our blogs and discovered she lived in Atlanta too. I mean, sometimes life just gives you the ice cream with the sprinkles. I don''t know a person that loves birthdays (or half birthdays) more than her. And boy, is she good at them. Within an hour we had a Facebook invite, a date and a venue. Birthday magic I tell you. 

What ensued was the most perfect birthday fiesta with so many friends. 


Birthday Dressing

Chelsea Muffin! We pre-gamed with Charlie over some prosecco and chew toys!

Just missing Shannon and Nina! 

My ASB roomies! Love these girlies so much.  

Me and my little blondies! I love going out with these girls because inevitably, I always end up with one of these on my phone.....

Love them! 

Kristin and I. We were accidentally Twinning! 

Geez I am such a creep sometimes....Danielle dancing with Kirk! They're the cutest! 

Whit and Katie! 


Ubering home! We ended the night with pizza at Chelsea and Stone's house. You know you've had a successful night when you're eating pizza at 2 am. 

The bday celebrations are continuing in Mexico later this week. Remember that annoying kid's song "The song that never ends?"...this is the birthday that never ends. All birthday all the time! 

But for now, I'll set my birthday hat aside....Catch me up on YOU friends! 



P!nky said...

What a perfectly amazing birthday with sprinkles! Loved your dress!

Alex said...

Aw yay looks like a great time! And now Mexico? You lucky thaaang!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

What an awesome impromptu birthday - just for you special lady x

Katie said...

how fun!! happy late birthday! LOVE your dress - you look gorgeous!