Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh Hi!

Oh hi little blog!....Remember the days when I used to set up guest posters and schedule posts for when I was away? Now I just leave a bowl of food and water out for you and call it a week. Sorry for abandoning you! Mid-Year Resolution is to catch up on blogs and stay on top of mine. I have so much to share including how I almost drowned in 4 feet of water and how we almost died by being squeezed to death. I mean, BIG things in store.

For now...a few confessions:

I Confess...I am attempting to watch this season of Big Brothers since I know one of the contestants but man, that show is a commitment. Three times a week?! Aggressive.

I Confess...I loved mexico but I really loved coming back to America too and it's 4G! 

I Confess....Two and a half days into our Mexican adventure and Danielle and I noticed the teeniest, tiniest little sign in the bottom corner of our mirror that said "Water is not potable." I'm just gonna throw it out there Mexico that maybe you make that sign a smidge bigger....and like, not hide it in the corner. 

I Confess....Getting back on the healthy eating train is not that much fun. My diet somehow seems incomplete without an afternoon snack of pizza and ice cream. 

I Confess...I have good reason for being so MIA. In addition to being out of the country, I've also been teaching an insane amount of classes at Pure Barre. At this point I'm tucking in my sleep! 

For now, I'm going to rejoice in the fact that it's going to be a short week. Holla America! I cannot wait to bust out some red, white and blue in obnoxious yet fully American combinations.  

What do you confess?! 

XO, A 


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

That bikini is amaze balls!!! x

Navia said...

It looks like you were having fun on your "blogging vacation".