Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Confessions

My first confession is that this post was really intended to be Friday's Letters but, thanks to an insane Friday work schedule and my wily ways with the pen keyboard, I have transformed it into Monday's Confessions. 

I Confess...I accidentally face-timed my boss last week. And let me tell you there really is nothing more awkward than face-timing your boss....except for when he calls you back and says "It appears I've missed a face-time call from you? Is everything ok?" Technology is so hard sometimes. 

FaceTime with bae. 😂❤️

I Confess....I had to have the gym staff wrangle my keys out of the wall lockers for me after my code would not work yesterday. Naturally, I blame the lockers. I am 87.3% my code was correct. 
arisays on Instagram

In yet another embarrassing and separate gym occasion...I Confess....that I wore my yoga pants inside out to the gym the other day. And only realized this when I got home. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing the tags and inside linings of my active wear. The gym struggle is alive and real ya'll. 

Hey girll
.....inside out
(I knew he'd understand) 

I Confess...When I chose the playlist for my Pure Barre class the other night, I was positive I had selected the radio version of Tove Lo's Talking appears that is incorrect. So to all the older women in my class who I'm sure did not appreciate the get-down lyrics to this little diddy I apologize. 

Talking body

I Confess...I have an progressively awful tan-line situation going on since returning from Destin. On my left arm I have a flash tat tan that looks like a mild flesh-disease. No big. And on my left I have a wrist-band tan line and then the # 3 sun-stained on my hand from my boat assignment. And even after a full-day of sunning on Saturday, that bright white 3 remains. Facepalm. 
miss summer :((

What do you confess on this first day of June?! 

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P!nky said...

OH man, facetiming your boss, that's eeek, embarrassing. I hate technology sometimes, bah!

I've done the yoga thing before, the struggle is real for real!