Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday's Letters....The One With the Soul Mate, The Instagram Picture and The Immune System

Dear Facebook....Per your highly intricate and accurate "Who's Your Soul Mate" quiz, you've paired me with my sister. You say we have lots in know, like blood and genetics and stuff.  Dear Atlanta....Apparently we are going through a record-setting "heat wave." But I'm going to be honest, I think the temperature is lovely out. I mean, the constant glow of sweat on everyone's face, the take-your-breath away feeling as soon as you walk outside, the burning of the car leather on your thighs. Paradise. 

Dear Somewhere Not In the United States....It's me and you tomorrow...and five other babes. Prepare your shores!Dear Immune System...It appears you are 97 years old. Every time we travel together lately we get sick. Thankfully I have become a pro at mouth-breathing.I mean, attractive. Dear Random Person whose Instagram picture I accidentally liked from 172 weeks ago.....I want to kill myself. Just kidding but really...mortifying. 
Boho beach goddess

Dear This Getup....I literally have nowhere to wear you, but you make my soul happy. I just want to wear tank tops and flash tats and and braids and bohemian jewelry for the rest of my life. Clearly I do super well in the Corporate World. #tiedyeisnotacceptibleofficewear?

Dear Readers....Hope you have the happiest weekend of all time! 



P!nky said...

UMM, where are you going and with who? Sounds super fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous, LOVE that top!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

That get up is SO you!!! Just wear it already...
Where are you going missy??

The Pink Growl said...

Please take me away with you!!!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

I'm pretty sure I have either liked an old instagram pic like you did or came really close to it. Yep, I was embarrassed too. :)