Wednesday, May 27, 2015

That Time I Went On Spring Break For The First Time

So you guys....Spring Break.
 I never went in college. I mean, I lived on the beach so, it seemed a little ironic to pay hundreds of dollars to go play on a beach somewhere when the beach was right outside my front door. 

BUT...there's hope for those wanting to relive their youth. Because apparently this thing exists called ASB....Adult Spring Break. But since that sounds about as douchey as popped collars and stickers on flat-brimmed hats, we'll just say that I went to Destin for Memorial Day. 

And it was everything I anticipated...

Day One....Me and Katie. The beaches here are INSANE! We literally dropped our bags and went straight to the beach. 

First Day on the Beach! Marla, me and my two roomies for the weekend - Allison and Katie.

Night One! We went to a party at my friend Travis' penthouse he had rented and then out to the beach bars. 

Me and my friend Kelly! 

(Thank God people got this tank. That would have been a total Spring Break Memorial Day tragedy. To be that girl with the unfunny shirt.) 

Kelly and Trav 

Day Two...America Day!

Oh yes, there were themes! 

Me and our fourth roommate Melissa who was so stinking sweet!

There were not many pics taken this day as my hair was a hot rat's mess in about 20 minutes...hence the disgusting top knot.

Luis photobombing. 

Night Two..Katie and I in the hallway...which apparently is also the doorway to heaven. 

Me and Allison...who I think owes me for being her wingwoman. I fielded so many inquiries from boys all weekend about her! #hotpeopleprobs 

Me and Kel 

Brandon and Robbie 

Day Three....The Day We Got Burned! 

We all went out on boats to Crab Island on Sunday. Me being the coolest person ever was drugged up on Dramamine since a whirl on a merry-go-round makes me sick, not to mention rocking on a boat for 7 hours. So, needless to say, this day was fuzzy.

Me and Marla. This girl is so sweet! Love her

Me and Melissa on the boat! 

Night Three...Our final night! We rolled out burned, tired but rallied! 

And then bright and early the next morning (can be read 10am) we rolled out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (can be read big dark sunglasses, basically in pajamas) to travel the 6 hours back.....which took seven and a half. When you've had zero sleep and lived off crackers and mimosas for three days, you need coffee and whataburger.

And that a wrap on my first Spring Break EVER. 

See ya next year ASB....maybe. 

What was your best spring break trip?! 



Christa Cox said...

Looks like so much fun!

-Christa Cox

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

AMAZING!!! I am super jealous right now - ASB is a must for everyone! Way more fun than college spring break x

P!nky said...

Adult Spring Break, I need it in my life stat.

Alex said...

I just love that you did ASB! Looks like it was a blast. And that last bikini picture of that from the Aussie swimwear brand, Triangl?!

Admin said...

You are beautiful..... love you
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