Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not Ready

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They say it’s just a number
They say it’s only as old as you feel

But to me, I’m one of those that age is a big deal. And I can’t really tell you why. I can just tell  you that I love being in my 20s. When someone asks me how old I am, I have loved saying “twenty--whatever." 

And yes, I’ve gotten the full 10 years of being a 20-something that everyone else gets. I’ve had my fair share but I’m just not ready to be done.

And maybe a lot of it is the pressure we put on 30s. All of a sudden eggs become a big freaking deal. And I’m not talking the kind you scramble and poach. You’re supposed to have it together – financially, relationally, professionally. You’re too old now for short shorts and other fashion-wear that just two weeks ago was fine because “you’re in your 20s.” Carefree-ness is supposed to go out the window because people in their 30s only make thoughtful choices. Late nights in the bar are left in your 29th year because “we’re just too old for that now.” It’s movies and pizza on the couch for us 30-somethings now. And the adjective “young” is no longer attached to you.
Maybe it’s that….those stigmas.

Maybe it’s because the only people that tell me 30s are great are getting married and having kids and well, that’s not my reality either.

But I mean, here it comes, right. The terrifying inevitable flip of the calendar page. The time stamp that indicates you are now a year older. Something we used to look so forward to as a kid. "I'm 5....a WHOLE Hand old!" "Sixteen....license, dating, boys." "20 - finally no more teenage years and teenybopper jokes." 21...Bring on the shots."

And then there it is....30. What's good about 30? It's got no cool rights of passage associated with it all.

The thing about blogging I've learned is that it's like a story. There's typically an intro, a build-up and then a nice ending. And I tried my darndest with this post but it just kind of sat there. The cursor blinking....waiting.....

I researched article after article about all the positives of being 30. But really, none of them produced that "aha moment" for me. The best advice I read was to just live your whole life like you're 20 but, really....if I'm still wearing booty shorts at 60 and wearing flash tats like they're real bracelets, someone please address that. Because that is not ok. 

So no pretty ending to this blog post. But, sometimes that's just life. And this little space is where we share life sometimes....the happy, the bad, the straight up scary.  

So 30....you.jerk. 


Disclaimer....To all the people in their 30s. I've been told I make 30 sound like death so I apologize in advance. In a few weeks I'll be 30 and hate all the 20-somethings too. 


JBean said...

Haha aww I turned 30 six years ago! Ahhhh just typing that out is kind of insane. But I remember feeling so YOUNG when I turned 30 that I couldn't even fathom that was my real age! Now at 36 I feel I'm settling into my 30s more and although there are a few life milestones I thought I'd have reached by now I do think my 30s have taught me many lessons that my 20s never could have. I say just enjoy your birthday for the special day that it is and forget about the number! Do whatever you want to do, wear whatever you want and just do YOU!

shannon v. said...

Soooo.....it's not ok if I bring flash tats to Cancun in a few weeks?

I celebrated turning 30 with a trip to Greece with a great girlfriend. Unmarried. Kids not even a sparkle in my eye. 30 is the new 20 and it's fabulous. So much is going to happen this decade that on our trip to celebrate your 40th we'll all be looking back at our lives saying how the hell did we squeeze all that into 10 years. Booty shorts forever!!!

P!nky said...

Oh love, don't dread the 30s. They really are quite wonderful, I promise. I do believe that 20s are about being carefree and booty shorts, too little sleep with too much to drink and man they were great. But, I feel like in your 30s you're more comfortable with YOU! You know what matters, you know what's a big deal and you know what is crap.

And girl, if you got the bum and legs to rock booty shorts, DO IT!!!

Shannon said...

Way to make this 35 year old feel old! ;)

I'd totally rock booty shorts at this age if it didn't make people vomit. (My 35 year old ass is a mix of soggy towel and cottage cheese with a dash of memory foam).

Dude - I'm not going to tell you to not fret the big 30 b/c I totally get it.

But I can tell you that age is just a number, and Shannon at 30 was probably even cooler than Shannon at 25, so it is probably still uphill for you, lady.

Katie said...

3's are my favorite number. We both turn a 3 this year. I love you.

Navia said...

Personally, I don't feel like I am about to be 33. There is a saying though that you are as old as you feel. So, I guess we can say that we are a sold 26-27ish.

My twenties were fun but I'm glad to not be playing sunrise committee and staying up until 7am every weekend anymore.

The Pink Growl said...

I really felt this same way too. Honestly, half way into my 30th year I don't feel too much different. 30 has brought me much clarity and some maturity (probably very little haha), but other than that I'm still me! I do feel that pressure to have it together, but most of the time I still don't have it all figured out. I think most of us really never do get it all figured out - and at 30 it becomes OKAY! XOXO You will kick 30's ass, girl!

Katie said...

i just turned 30 this year and still feel like I am 25 and look 25 at least, until my sister reminds me i don't look nearly as young as i think. thank you sister! :) happy almost birthday friend!

Unknown said...

crazy girl, you can still go to the bars and wear booty shorts. if I wasn't married with a kid, I would totally still be living it up. We still get wasted at braves games and go to the ivy afterward [we feel old, but we own it] and we go to top golf with friends. all when we can get a babysitter of course, but we can still have fun in your 30s! don't be scared of it!!

Fit With Flash said...

I was pretty pumped about turning 30 because I felt like people would take me a little more seriously (since I'm the youngest in all my social circles). I'm not, however, pumped about turning 31 this August. It's like the gateway age. Suddenly you're 35, then 39, then WTF. Thumbs down. I feel you, girl.

Caroline said...

I'm going back and forth between "Hey, dress I already own and no one has seen, I'll wear it for my 30th birthday dinner!" and "Jeez this dress is a young style... I think I've seen undergrads all over this college town wearing a dress like this..."

All of my friends here are in their mid-20s and I can't believe I'm turning 30 in 5 days. (Though thankfully neither can anyone else I mention it to.) I think I'm trying to avoid the thought, aside from "hey friends, I demand that you come have a drink with me after the professional conference we're all going to that just happens to be on my birthday..." If that doesn't scream 30+ I don't know what does.

(Still totally planning on coming to your barre class in a week and a half - we can groan together about what 30 means!)