Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday's Letters...Unpacked, Girl Crush and Aging

Making sure you have everything you need.

Dear Suitcases from last week....You are still not unpacked. I'm not exactly sure when I became a person that didn't care that half her belongings were not unpacked but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's an adventure every morning digging for whatever I need. I'm sure I look like a raccoon in a trashcan. 

Dear Teen Mom....Gah, every season. Why are you so good? And bringing the OG's (original gangsters....I had to ask too) back. I about upping your game. 

Dear Last Weekend....You were so fun. I may have only gotten 3 hours of sleep but I got to see some of my best friends so, it was totally worth it.  

Dear Next Friday...We have a date with the beach and I couldn't be more excited. This beach girl is ready for some water that isn't enclosed in a cement box. 

Dear This Song....I heard you the other day for the first time and man, you got to me. 

Dear This Video...Wow. This is so stinking cool. I may have cried watching this. 

So much media in this post, I know...but really, who works on a Friday? 

Happy Friday Muffinheads! What's everyone doing this weekend?! 



Brittany said...

That last video!! It was so sweet to hear the ending. How crazy though.

Monica said...

Love that pink dress on you! Where is that from??

Katie said...

LOVE teen mom!! and I still didn't know what OG meant and would not have guessed that!