Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday's Letters...Being 17, Blind and Cockroaches

Dear Age of Adeline...I am so excited to see you. Its been forever since there was a movie I was this excited to see. Is anyone else going to see it? Dear Ashley...We realized this week just how blind we really are when we lost our glasses for two days. And by "lost" I mean hiding in the suitcase of clothes I have yet to unpack from Nashville. Dear Kylie Jenner....For the love girl, can you just be 17 for one hot second? I mean I get it, your dad is becoming a mom and that is a lot to handle but I still think you should buy a pair of pants. I mean just try them out. They're really comfy.

Dear Sadie Robertson.....Thank you for being totally 17. #fangirl Dear People Angry at Target and Lilly Pulitzer....Paisley prints and dresses that are 14 different colors aren't really my thing but I am trying to be understanding. I suppose this would be the same as if Free People had a collaboration with Target and that perfect pair of formerly ridiculous expensive distressed jeans was sold out. I could totally empathize in that situation.  Dear Full House Reunion Show...Please, please be true. I will be a crushed little muffin if you are just a dirty rumor. Dear This picture...Amen.

Happy Friday My Sweet Readers! 



Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

This is funny, needed that this morning! :)

Shannon said...

I'm actually sad I know as much as I do about that Jenner girl's lips. Why are they loved so much by media!!? #idonotgetit

Unknown said...

laughing so hard at ".. I still think you should buy a pair of pants. I mean just try them out. They're really comfy." Too true!

Katie said...

Was Age of Adeline good? I want to see it!