Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#DreamTeamDoesNash - Part One

You know how sometimes you have such a perfect little weekend you just want to live in that weekend bubble forever and ever and not ever leave it? 

That was my weekend these past few days. It was a weekend I've been waiting on and anticipating since last April and it finally came. So, since I couldn't stay in it forever, the next best thing is to relive it, right?

As many of you know if you follow me on Instagram I went to Nashville this weekend with my "Dream Team" girls - Chelsea, Erica, Rissy, Shalyn and Sabrina. It's hard to believe I've known these girls for 5 years. While I may have just "met" them last year, we've talked nearly every day for almost five.

Vegas last year 

Despite some travel challenges we all met in Nashville on Thursday (with the exception of Chelsea who joined us Friday.)

Reunited!!! Just Missing Shay and Chels 

Me and Rissy  

After several airport trips we finally made it to our AirB&B home for the weekend. WHICH.....timeout 


The girl whose house we stayed in is like famous in Nashville...we had no idea! She's an interior designer and her old house is where Taylor Swift shot the cover art for RED and some of that same furniture was in our house! I mean....what! She was so cool too! She invited us to a party which is what we did Thursday night. It was the launch of her friend's AirB&B. 

Ruthie....our house owner

Erica....Nailed It. Ashley....Struggle Bus 

The next morning we went and took a bar class. I know what you're thinking....way to be productive right?!
Lift tone burn babes!

After that we went home and made brunch while we waited for Chelsea to arrive!

Actual Brunch....we are talented!

Once Chelsea got to Nash and we all got ready...just a mere two hours later...we were ready to go. One thing we learned is that a house with one bathroom will take six girls quite a long time to get ready 

So many amazing memories made in this little house on Granada Avenue. 

Rissy is so chic!

On the streets of Nash!
(Side note..I swear this pic is not edited. We were all actually just glowing with happiness I believe.) 

We had so much fun exploring! We played in Honkey Tonks and bars all afternoon. 

I signed the wall in Tootsies! I can be found right in between "Dick and Friends" and "Catherine the Great"...Look for me!

A little shopping

We ended the day with an amazing dinner and an old-fashioned slumber party. Because sometimes you just need to sit and drink wine and chat with your girlfriends in pajamas that have chickens and bacon on them....and possibly have a twerking party. Possibly. 

Until next time......



BLovedBoston said...

What a wonderful weekend!! It's so amazing how close you are with girls you met through blogging! :)

J and A said...

I love everything about this post. The house that TSwift did her cover for - how amazing is that. You guys all look so happy and beautiful. LOVE the PJ tops!! I need the hedgie one!

Pamela said...

ahhh SO much fun! :) Oh my gosh, that house! Amazing! so neat that yall were able to hang out with her too!

Shannon said...

Can I have all y'all wardrobe? But in MOM size?

P!nky said...

Looks like such a fantastic time, but y'all could sit in a park in the winter and have a fantastic time. I think it's so cool y'all are all so close and able to get these trips on the books.

That house looks amazing and your pictures are fabulous. I signed the wall at tootsies too!!!

<3 you!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Aw man, looks like another incredible weekend with these special gals! Hating that I live so far away - I want to join in the fun too x

Alex said...

Y'all are the cutest!!! This looks like the perrrrfect weekend.

Sarah said...

Will you send me a link to that house?

Katie said...

Sigh. I'm happy you girls got to go to Nashville but my little sad heart is jealous too. I love that you have your blog friend dream team. That's really sweet. I wish I had that.

On a side note: you ladies hate blondes or something? haha ALL the brunette ladies.