Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#DreamTeamDoesNash Part 2

Day 2.
Maybe my favorite. This trip was so different from Vegas. Both were special in their own way. Vegas was all about dressing to the 9s and pool parties and clubs and just doing things BIG. This trip was more about casual-wear and brunching and not having a schedule. 

Saturday morning we decided to throw showering to the wind and run out and grab brunch because....brunch, duh.  

Good mornings from our little green door on Grenada Avenue. 

My girls...outside Tavern.  SO good. If your'e ever in Nash -GO!

While we were at brunch we started chatting with the two guys that sat directly across from us. Turns out they were Tennessee Titans football players! They soon became fast friends and we ended up having a four hour brunch! 

Delanie Walker...um, has been to the superbowl!...his arm also weighs approximately 70 pounds. Likes hats and big gold watches. These are all the stats I have on him. 

Also thought it was hilarious when we swapped tables and Rissy ate some of his burger! She just makes herself right at home - love her! (apparently so does the guy in the blue shirt!)

Taylor Lewan...possibly the tallest human I've ever met (I'm just under 5'8") hello! Has extremely useful finger tattoos (one is a mustache, the other says "smile") and is an all-around good sport.

Rissy ate Delanie's brunch....it was only fair we share 

 Just frands hanging out ya know 

We met so many nice people in Nashville! This guy hung out with us and bought us drinks all because Sabrina let his friend get by us to order drinks at the bar. 

After brunch we decided...who really needs to shower? And hit the streets for some Nashville touring. As we were driving to do some shopping, I heard Rissy and Erica screaming from the backseat. I figured it was just another bachelorette party we were saying well wishes too. When all of a sudden I heard "Vince Vaughn"...and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. We immediately yelled in unison "STOP THE UBER!" to which our driver halted in the middle of the street and we all piled out of the car and hustled up the street. 

Vince totally catching me creeping. Apparently he was not a fan of my fandom

He was however....totally a fan of  Chelsea's fandom. Who can blame him though really?! 

With Chelsea as our lead-in we finally got a group pic of him. Apparently Vince still believes in cooties.  #keepyourhandstoyourself! Such a cool experience though. He's my favorite actor and was so incredibly nice. 

After our Vince-sighting we made our way up the street to this painting which we'd all been dying to see. I just love this picture. I love how natural we all are and how much love there is. I mean, Shay and I are holding hands - I don't even remember doing this haha!


I may love this one more.
Total outtake! We all look so completely confused about what to do or how to take this picture. 

Me and my fellow Atlanta babe. Atlanta believes in Nashville! 

Later that night we headed out for our last dinner together and a night out at the honkey tonks. 

Rissy legitimately did try to be in this pic...that is a peace sign, not bunny ears!

 Sheer Joy

and then it was Sunday...and time to leave

 all of us watching our Dream Team videos

 Me and Shay in front of the feather wall

And then there it was....Dream Team Trip #2. Until next year my little Dream Team babes. Love you all to the moon and back. 



Brittany said...

What a fun trip! How cool that you got to meet all three of those guys. I love your stats about the heavy arm and liking gold watches haha :)

P!nky said...

Gosh, it looks like such an amazing trip. Y'all meet such cool people, I mean football players, how amazing is that?!@?!?!? And Vince, so cool!!!

Glad you had a blast, friend!

BLovedBoston said...

Vince Vaughn run it - so amazing!! I totally thought that football player looked like kanye for a second lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Pamela said...

yall are so awesome!

Shannon said...

That picture of Vince with the group made me laugh out loud!


And that football player named Taylor? He was all sorts of yummy no?

Angel said...

look so fun, i've only been to a nashville restaurant and the outlet malls there, but a trip downtown is for sure a must! you met so many cool people! hope you're having a good week:)

Alex said...

I want to come on a Dream Team vacay!!!

Katie said...

Taylor Lewan isn't too bad looking...

So be honest: How many guys asked to buy y'all drinks? I think y'all are the most gorgeous group of ladies ever. Blogger Babe Dream Team haha

love the guestbook :)