Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Confessions

I worst fear has come office potluck. It's an international potluck and you're supposed to bring something from your background or heritage. I asked our office manager if I could bring Little Debbie's because, I'm Southern and Southern people love those little bags of processed sugary goodness. She was not opposed.....zebra cakes here I come. 

I Confess...I am the worst hair cut client of ALL time. I went in for a trim last Friday and after drilling into my stylist's head that I wanted to walk out looking the exact same and making sure he understood the exact meaning of a quarter inch, I made him stop mid-cut. He was getting scissor-happy. He followed me out with the shears saying he just needed to finish. I told him we were done cutting. 


I Confess...I didn't feel bad for being a brat to my stylist. He pointed out that I had a gray hair...and then went on to say that gray hair is sexy on men but not so much on women. Guess who we won't be seeing again.

I Confess...Whilst sitting at a stoplight after work the other day, I pulled up next to a driver blasting the most vulgar little diddy. I ever so subtly rolled my window down just a few tiny inches at a time....and then proceeded to blast the following song. Within seconds he rolled his windows up an zoomed away when the light turned green. I will always win the blasting music war.  Truth.

What do you confess?


P!nky said...

ZEBRA CAKES, oh how I love you! I bet you'll be one of the favorites at your pot luck. You'll make everyone smile, too!

I hear you on the hair cut, what dude says that?!!?

Way to win the music war, rock on chick!

Shannon said...

That picture of ho hos and zebra cakes looks like something from one of my dreams.

I have to eat in my dreams b/c....less calories. :)

Nadine said...

He said what about a woman with a gray hair?!?!?!? Rude!!!!

And I love that you blasted that song. You win!!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

the little debbie pyramid of cakes is amazing!

Ginger said...

That's a lovely plate you created with those Little Debbies (my 2 favorite flavors). I would have given that stylist a rather large piece of my mind for the gray hair comment.