Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Letters...The One With The Package, The Casual Friday and The Friday Night

Dear Kristin and Katie....So glad to have such sweet friends like you come to take my class! You both killed it. #babesatthebar #embracetheshake  Dear Cancun...You are SO happening and I am SO excited! Let the workouts commence! #girllookatthatbod Dear chocolate-covered blueberries that I used to rationalize as healthy due to your fruit center and anti-oxidant dark chocolate...You've been replaced with nuts this week (see above note as to why we can no longer be friends.) Dear Coworker...I left the house this morning thinking I looked cute. Upon my arrival at work you asked me if I had just come directly from being out last night. Apparently I may need to re-evaluate my "casual Friday" look...or possibly get more sleep. 

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Dear  Nasty Gal....I love your clothes but reallllly hate your store name. I immediately feel the need to tell my apartment  office people that I'm picking up a pair of leggings and not a mesh onesie with nipple cutouts. 

Dear Last Friday Night...I kind of wish you were happening again. It was one of those nights that just started out as dinner and turned into one of the most fun nights know the kind where you're in a bar, listening to a band and talking to one of your best friends about life at 1 am. 

Happy Friday Babes!
What are your plans this weekend?! 

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Aspen Kelty Marie said...

YES to the Nasty Gal name! whenever I order something from there my husband gets all excited until he realizes it's just a cute dress ;)

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