Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Babies, Birthdays, Brides

Oh Hey There Spring! 
I don't know how it came to be March so quickly but, here we are and hopefully on the way to warmer temperatures...and less rain. I know...I know...Spring Showers....May Flowers. If that's the case, Atlanta should be blossoming everywhere. This city seriously loves some rain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain boots to make the cut on professional work wear!  

There's been so many fun events going on lately I haven't even had time to share them all! So a little life review was most definitely in order. 

I met Candace in a fitness class probably about 3 years ago. She's due in April with a baby girl and her family threw her the most amazing shower! 

Everyone brought a book for the baby and all the shower food was centered around a book theme. So genius! 

The food was incredible....seconds and thirds were definitely  have. (I mean, who can pass up pigs in a blanket?!) 

Cutest pregnant lady of all time. We can't wait to you Madelyn!!

Deanna is a book club friend and a couple Saturdays ago we all braved the freezing rain to come out and help her celebrate her birthday. We went to a fun little spot that was new to me called Ormsby's - the entire downstairs is filled with games....pool, darts and other games I had no clue what they were. 

This was our third take but I love it the most because it's the most candid. Three seconds later we basically all fell on each other...holding the sorority squat is no easy task! 

Me and Kelly! 

I met Nina almost right when I moved to Atlanta. She was part of our big running crew. And let me tell you, when you're running 30 plus miles with someone a week, you share a lot of life! We celebrated her 30th at a Greek Restaurant and it was a blast. There was table dancing and no less than 30,000 napkins strewn into the air at every turn. Oompa! 

Dance dance! 

Me and the birthday girl! 


One of my best girlfriends, Whitney....who is no stranger to this blog....got engaged in December! And since then it's been full-steam ahead on the wedding planning! Girlfriend is getting stuff done. This past weekend a few of us went with her to purchase her dress. Moral support is needed when you're spending thousands on an article of clothing!

Celebrating milestones. Sidenote...this is not her dress. We're no tradition-breakers here at Run With Me! 

Don't let anyone fool you....the veil DOES make the outfit. #canwekeepthese?

And in between all of that has been a LOT of tucking......like, a lot! 

Look at that beautiful form!! 

We're in the middle of our March Challenge...20 classes in 31 days and these ladies are killing it! 

What's been keeping you busy this spring?! 


BLovedBoston said...

You're one busy lady!! And can i just say you look great in a veil! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

P!nky said...

WOW, looks like so much fun, lady! That baby shower is the cutest theme, I love the books with the food. And how much fun is that party, I love dancing on tables and yelling OOOOOPPPAAA! Even though I'm not Greek ;)!

Shannon said...

I love the food related to books idea. WHY DIDN"T I THINK OF THAT!?

Erin LFF said...

I LOVE that idea of a book-themed baby shower. The one we did for my sister was centered about The Very Hungry Caterpillar which was fun, but I like the idea of multiple books! ;) You look fabulous girl, sorry I've been such a bad bloggy friend!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

How in the world do you stay so busy and not feel exhausted all the time, I'd love to know!! :) All I want to do on the weekend is sit home in sweats and watch TV!! Help!! :)

The book themed baby shower is super cute, I'm definitely banking that for later.