Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last Tuesday night was sheer magic! 
By now I think it's clear that my taste in music runs about equivalent with the latest version of Kidz Bop. That being said I went to see Ariana Grande in concert and she was AMAZING. She's one of my favorite artists and I really wanted to go see her. However, convincing someone else to invest the 70 bones in a ticket was not such an easy feat. 

Miraculously I was gifted two tickets to see her and my friend Kristin was just as excited to go as me. I texted her with only 4 hours til concert time and she was so game. She arrived at my place with Ariana pony in place and the best winged eye liner job I've seen outside a MAC store. We texted each other pics of our outfits and were hysterically in pretty much the same get-up. 

Please ignore my messy living room. I had like 30 minutes to transform from professional to 17 year old! 

Before we battled ATL traffic we decided it was only appropriate to make a stop at Starbucks and order an Ariana Grande. And yes, this is a real drink. It's on Starbucks Secret Menu and it is UGH-mazing. It's about 27 different kinds of sugar but you won't regret it. 

Once we made it to the arena.....ok, once we got lost trying to find parking....twice...and made it to the arena, we walked right into these incredible seats and the finial performance of the opener, Rixton. Who is also great. 

And because a week later, I'm still on my Ariana Grande high (and I don't mean a sugar high from the drink) I thought I'd leave you with my two favorite songs!

If you ever have the chance to see her, don't hesitate. Her voice is sheer incredible. 



Brittany said...

Wasn't her show amazing?!? I took my sister to it when she was in MN. I thought she did such s good job with all of her fun things but I have to say th chandelier was my fave. Very fun

P!nky said...

WOOOOHOOOOO! So glad you got to go to the show and loved it! I bet you had the best time ever!!! Love your outfit!

Unknown said...

She is pretty awesome in concert, I saw her when she was just a little thing and was opening up for Bieber. Back then she wasn't big & all the little kids had to tell me who she was - BUT - I am sure you had a lot of fun!!!