Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A bloody good day

It's hard to believe today is St. Patrick's Day because I feel like I already celebrated the heck out of this holiday. 

This past weekend I went to Leprecon, a St. Patrick's Day Festival in one of Atlanta's parks. Before that I went to a brunch at a new friend's house which was a ton of fun. I didn't know hardly anyone there but I went anyway. My friend Katie sent me this book "Let's all be brave" so that's what we're doing...which is kinda scary.  

Kristin and I at brunch. This girl is so much fun! So glad to have gotten to know her these past few months!

The brunch crew took two buses down to the park...fur busses to be exact 

You haven't lived until you've ridden a fur bus. #thingsthatareprobablynottrue

Piedmont Park...So pretty! (This was actually from another year. Our Saturday was pretty gloomy and threatened rain on and off all day.) 

Chelsea wins the nicest of us all. But for real dude...we just wanted a girl's pic!

Such a fun day with these babes!

How are you celebrating St. Pats? Don't forget to wear your green! (pinch pinch!)

XO, O'Ashley 


P!nky said...

Oh girl, it looks like soooo much fun!!! Keep being brave, lady! I love that mantra!

The Pink Growl said...

I saw your pics and it looks like you had a blast! Love the one of you making the funny face - it's perfect! Being brave is hard and scary, but such a cool thing too! Keep pushing towards that goal! XOXO

Alex said...

All your snaps looked like sooo much fun!! And party buses are THE BEST.