Tuesday, February 24, 2015

....Just Thoughts

happy hour

I have to say that last week I was a complete slacker at work. Monday I gave myself a free pass..."You always work so hard, you're going to have those 'down' days." When Friday came and I was still determining if skipping my 4pm meeting for Happy Hour was morally incorrect, I knew I had to buckle down this week. And that I did. This week has started off strong....which unfortunately left little time for me to do creative things like online shop, play on Pinterest and blog. Work can be such a buzzkill. 

So since my mind has been preoccupied with other things, it's a random thoughts from Ashley's head kinda day. I know you all come here for the deep stuff so...apologies ;)

Lemon water

.......Bad ideas include stealing, murder and also drinking an entire protein shake and bottle of water and a red bull before a 2 hour meeting. #smallbladderprobs #roadtripincompatible 

.......What the heck does "on fleek" mean???

.....I could never be on the bachelor for three reasons. I don't look good with wet hair...jumping off P Diddy's yacht would be entirely out of the question. I don't wear makeup to bed. I'm a really ugly cryer. Some girls have all the luck man. 

......Do you ever picture what someone will look like. Like people you work with but only via phone? And then you meet them and they are totallllly not what you thought? 

waves. #color
the goal hair

...Blondes DO have more fun...until all that blonde hair breaks off. Then the fun ends. If my hair doesn't grow after all the recon I've been doing....me and the hair gods are going to have a come to Jesus moment. I'm just going to say that eggs, baby powder and enough prenatal vitamins to birth quadruplets have been involved. 

What's on your mind today? 



P!nky said...

I love this post!!! I'm a tiny bladder bad road tripper too. My husband gets so annoyed.

Brunettes have fun, and we're smart ;)! JUST KIDDING TO ALL THE BLONDES! I LOVE Y"ALL!

Shannon said...

Team tiny bladder!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm on the team tiny bladder too!!!