Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday's Letters...The one with the gym fist bumps, the old post and the steamer

Detroit...And Malley

Dear the Man in the gym from Detroit whose name I don't know....Every time I wear my Detroit hat to the gym you come up and fist bump me and say I make you feel right at home. We've reached the point where it would now be uncomfortable for me to tell you I'm actually not from Detroit. So I will remain a faithful Tigers fan with the hat I'm not sure how I acquired. Dear My Hands...We had somewhat of a self-tanner catastrophe this week and four days later we're still sporting splotchy brown hands with a mysterious white circle on the top of one. Way to give me away that I'm not a lustrous shade of brown naturally in the dead of winter. Dear This Valentine's Day Post from might be one of my favorite posts of all time. Dear My New Steamer...I feel like you're a very adult purchase. Or maybe I just feel that way because I feel excited over this purchase. 

Dear This Scene...You are to date, my most favorite Valentine's Day thing of all time. 

Dear Taylor Swift....Rumors are that you are going to be collaborating with Kanye West. This can only mean one of two things - you are literally an angel. Or you are going to kill him in the studio blank space style. Dear Taylor Swift again....I am so in love with "How You Get The Girl" lately. On repeat. 

Dear You Muffinheads.....Happy Valentine's Day Weekend! Hope you pop some bubbly, eat some candy and really live it up!



L C W said...

I love my steamer!! Made me feel like a real grown up ;-)

P!nky said...

Oh the Detroit story, that's amazing! I love it every time you tell it :)!

Barf, kanye!

I have a steamer too and I feel sooo grown up! So much better than an iron!

That vday video is amazing!

DeborahYanni said...

That meme is so funny!!! I think he's my favorite on that show.