Monday, February 16, 2015

Confession Sessions

But seriously....

I Confess...I think one of the world's greatest mysteries is what happens to British people's accents when they sing? I'm talking to you Ed Sheeran. 

I Confess...I am wearing hair that I have worked out in four times. The amount of baby powder in this do is enough to diaper an entire newborn nursery. The lengths we go to for healthy hair.


I Confess...I had the biggest, laziest, no-schedule Sunday yesterday and it was AMAZING. I slept til 10:30, worked out, had a long Sunday Funday with Danielle and spent the night indulging in endless hours of trash TV. 

I Confess...I never feel more incompetent than when I'm trying to put air in my tires. With all these cold temps, I've had my fair share of visits to the tire pressure machine....and every time, I get back in my car and the light is still on. Like why are these things so hard? 

I Confess...I love the pain of pulling off a Biore pore strip. It's like the ultimate beauty satisfaction.  

What do you confess?!



Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Haha, you make me laugh my friend!! But that e-card is so true! x

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

That first e-card confession! I was JUST telling Ryan that I pray I never get kidnapped because I do not know any body's phone number!

P!nky said...

So true. I mean I have my families' numbers memorized, but my husband's? NOPE!

Tire pressure is a pain in the wheel! UGH!

Glad you had a great Sunday!

Nadine said...

I have been driving around with my tire light on for months, it never goes off. Whatever tires!

lol at that ecard!!! Sad but true!!

You just reminded me that I need to use my Biore strips! I have had a new box under the sink for at least a month now...

Shannon said...

I confess that my husband uses Biore strips.

Not sexy on a man.

The Pink Growl said...

Ditto on the dirty hair and the phone numbers!