Monday, January 19, 2015

Why I Don't Celebrate

Have you ever seen How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Remember how Andi wrote fun little gossipy articles....but then one day she decided she wanted to write about serious stuff? Well I guess I'm having an Andi Anderson moment today so, bear with me. Confession sessions, trash TV chat and other important conversations will resume later this week. 

As much as I would love to be at home marking things off my checklist today or lounging around the house, I actually don't mind being at work today. Because I don't think today or Martin Luther King Jr. is anything to be celebrated. 

I have to admit that as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I thought many of the quotes with the hashtag #MLKDay next to them were indeed lovely. But they also made me somewhat sad. 

I'm not a fan of history. I think the majority of it is a snoozefest. I'm much more a science person. BUT, I understand why it's essential to know. I think so many times we become bandwagoners. And I'm just as guilty as the next. But sometimes I think we get so caught up in doing what is popular and latching on to something - like a remarkable quote - and we fail to investigate for ourselves what we're supporting. 

So, not to be vague, the following is why I don't celebrate MLK Day. 

-The large majority of MLK's work is plagiarized. A committee of researchers at Boston University agreed that there was no question much of King's dissertations were intellectually pirated works. Even his famous "I have a Dream Speech" is thought to have been inspired by Prathia Hall who was a great civil rights advocate and whose signature phrase was....I Have a Dream
Prathia Hall

-MLK was heavily involved in communist activities and a self-proclaimed Marxist. His close affiliates including his Advisor, Program Director  and the Vice-President of his Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC,) were all open communists and members of Communist organizations. King's first march in 1958 was openly declared to be a communist project. 

-Stanley Levison was King's mentor, edited his books, wrote many of his speeches, controlled the fund-raising for the SCLC and, coincidentally for many years was in charge of secretly funneling Soviet funds to the Communist Party USA.

- MLK wrote the forward to a book written by Robert Williams who promoted King's movements. At the same time, Williams also made regular broadcasts in Havana Cuba in which he urged violent attacks by blacks against white Americans. 

-An FBI investigation of MLK found that he often used money contributed to the civil rights movement for alcohol and numerous prostitutes - often brought to his hotels two at a time. MLK often had drunken sex parties which lasted for days while on his speaking tours. For an unknown reason, the judge has sealed the FBI files on King until 2027. Let's also not forget MLK was married. 

-A Museum in Tennessee created a display of the two bedrooms in the Lorraine Motel where MLK was the night before he was shot. However, the museum has declined to depict the occupants of the rooms.The reason why? The night before he was shot, MLK spent it having sex with two women and physically beating and abusing a third. 

These are some of the reasons I shudder when I hear someone say what a great man Martin Luther King Jr. is. Especially when there are so many others who are far more deserving to be honored for civil rights work. Of course no one is perfect, but I cannot support or celebrate a man who abused women and was part of a crippling  socioeconomic political theory, no matter how many lovely speeches he gave. The character of a man defines who he really is.  

I don't know why I felt so bold to post this today.It's never my intent to offend or upset my blog readers. And I know that politics is right next to religion on the list of "things not to blog about....if you want to be successful." I suppose I just want us as a generation to be wise about the things we support. 

And lately I've been in somewhat of a "throw caution to the wind" mood so I just said screw it and hit publish! 

That being said, I love hearing what my readers think.



Bridget said...

Interesting viewpoint. While MLK Jr. may not have been a perfect man, his speeches, his marches, his quotes gave so many suffering people hope.

That's enough reason to celebrate anyone. Without hope, we have nothing.

We could easily argue the morale or demonic habits of every single human being--but why? To be negative? To feel better about ourselves? Why not focus on the good? Celebrate the good?

It's so easy to point a finger and say "he was this, he was that, I won't celebrate a man who did this, this, and that" It's much more difficult to find peace and say "he wasn't perfect, but look at the all the people who believed in themselves BECAUSE of him." He inspired so many. I would have been honored to have marched beside him.

We're all humans. No one is perfect. We can only try to keep the good going. Focusing on the bad hinders that.

P!nky said...

WOW, I applaud your for your honesty and being brave enough to post what you think.

I had no idea about the bad side of MLK, mostly because I never made an effort to learn more about him and his life. I think his [or whoever wrote it] 'I have a dream speech' was a powerful moment for our nation and his public assassination was a sad day, because DEATH was celebrated by so many.

Thank you for writing a different opinion and challenging me to dig deeper. I LOVE history, but choose what I want to read about, so now I'll be doing some research on MLK.

<3 you!

Ginger said...

He was like JFK, and people do not care. I feel certain his wife knew, but the power made it all bearable (?). with today's morals being what they are, people really don't care. Plus, he was THe face of the Civil Rights movement, so that is all that matters to many....even those who cAll themselves Christians.

Nadine said...

I had heard some of the points that you made above. I feel that people just believe whatever they want to believe because it is the popular opinion and do not look in to the actual facts for lack of caring about the facts.

Look at the last presidential election. People would just agree with whatever was being said because they thought that Obama said it when in fact it was a republicans point of view.There is a lot of ignorance in our country on all sides.

Do I believe that MLK Jr gave people hope? No doubt. That doesn't make him perfect though. Just like no one else is perfect either.

Pamela said...

Ummm love this. {insert hands up praising emoticon}

Unknown said...

Good for you for going out on a limb and speaking your mind but honestly, today was the wrong day to do it and as a lover of history I would have required proof of the 'facts' you are stating. None of these are substantiated in your blog and if you're going to tear down a national icon I would think you would have more class and at least support those statements with credible proof. Good luck with the blog.

Fit With Flash said...

I'd like to see sources of all these points too. It's these kinds of things that are brought about to make people focus on the WRONG points about today, about equality in general. You can't take away somebody's rights (or never give them rights in the first place) and then belittle them for their actions afterwards. The whole reason inequality exists in the first place is that people think their lives matter more than others. Not everybody's perfect but the point of today is to celebrate the man that was the face and voice of the Civil Rights Movement that desperately needed to happen. There still much work to be done...

Ashley said...

@Laura Thanks for your comment Laura. My blog is not a school paper so I didn't feel the need to cite sources in it. But if you'd like to read about these facts for yourself, I've cited my sources below for you to check out.

Today was the perfect day to discuss this as so many are celebrating a man who was an abuser of women. They should know what they support. As I said before, a few good speeches does not make up for the character of a man. And to me, a "national icon" is not a communist or moral degenerate....but that's just me.

And thanks for the good luck...been going strong for 7 years now!

The F.B.I. and Martin Luther King Jr. by David J. Garrow
The History of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the F.B.I by Chris Weigant
The History of the FBI's Secret Enemies's List by

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

As a South African, I have no history knowledge on MKL but this is your blog and these are your opinions and this is where you are able to voice them. Well done Ash x

Ashley said...

Ames, totally agree the Civil Rights movement needed to happen - it was critical. However I think it's a bit of being an onstrich with their head in the sand if we don't truly look at who this man is that we're all calling so great. Equality is crucial and yet here is a man who was heavily involved in communism - a political system that does nothing but restrict the rights of people. No one is perfect, of course, but a man who is a communist and spent much of his adult life abusing women and stealing is not one I can celebrate by any means. We should focus on deserving people - like Partha Hall.

Unknown said...

I LOVE being able to read a blog that doesn't just keep promoting the same old main stream ideas. We should be honoring the people who strive to be perfect & reflect the values we would like our society to uphold. Props to you girl for going beyond and questioning. Hopefully more will do the same!

Unknown said...

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