Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Confess.....The one with the pickles, the dress and the guilty pleasure

....I told you they'd be back ;)

Live with no regrets.

I Confess...I don't like cats....but I really like funny cat pictures

I Confess....We stayed at a really nice hotel this past weekend and I felt all fancy. That is until I found myself standing in 5 inches of water in the shower. If there's anything filthier than your own shower being clogged, it's a hotel shower being clogged and wondering what's lurking just below the surface of the drain. Vomit.

I Confess....I literally have milk, three cans of tuna, pickles and two tubs of frosting in my fridge right now. To some this may seem sparse. To me, these are the essentials. I mean perspective is everything. Can I get an Amen.

I  Confess.....I wrote this post two days ago so...two cans of tuna and one and a half tubs of frosting.

I Confess...I am going to a black tie wedding coming up and, since I never went to a prom or formal, dress shopping has literally consumed my life. I mean long, short? Sequins, glitter? Lace, leather? Print, solid? The decisions are endless. This is monumental. 

....and just because
Spelling is hard.

spelling is hard! 

What do you confess?!
XO, A 


P!nky said...

Bah, I'm not a cat person, either!

I almost vomited when I read your hotel confession, that's awful, I'm so sorry, friend!

If you're having issues with buying a dress, I've heard great things about Rent the Runway. Good luck!


Shannon said...

You'd better share what dress you end up going with!

Fit With Flash said...

Did you ever watch Death Becomes Her? There's a scene with sooooo many tubs of frosting and I remember thinking when I was a kid, "I'm totally gonna buy lots of frosting when I'm grown up so I can eat it whenever I want!" And I have a few times... #imgrown ; )

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Hahaha that last post is too funny! I love kids spelling.