Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glory Days

I have to say I've been struggling with my blog lately. Mostly because time to devote to it is skimpy and usually falls around the hours of 3am. I've had a special project lately that has left me working harder than Miss American on pageant day.

Other times I wonder if Instagram is the new blog? It seems some of my favorite blogs have dropped off the blog-o-sphere but are killing it on IG. Which obviously means I  need to hire someone to come take pictures of me in my gym clothes while I drink my latte with heart-shaped milk and plate of macaroons while I magically never gain a pound. Selfies are not my strong suite. 

Kidding this was actually taken before the era of reverse cameras...the horror. 

To add to it, I've been struggling with content. This past year has been one of the hardest for me personally and when I sit down to write it's about as non-interesting as reading about someone scooping cat litter. This past weekend I took a stroll back through Run With Me's glory days archives and sat there cheesing at pictures and laughing at my own jokes. I thought today I'd share some of my favorite memories.  

Celebrating Whitney's Birthday with some of my favorite people...less than a year living in Atlanta. Whatever happened to that bra I have no idea but after seeing this picture, I am now mourning it's death. 

Me and  my girl, Tara at a USC football game, just a year or two out of college (also known as....still trying to live like we're in college). I had probably just finished dominating a round of beer pong...or as I liked to call it Gatorade-Pong.   

Out in Charleston with Kristin. This girl will always be one of my closest friends. She was a godsend and one of the most genuine souls I know. Also can we take a moment to appreciate the youthful glow of our skin - thank God we have filters now to give us that same "natural" effect.

Me and Shannon on our way to see Jessica Simpson. Or more accurately...me on my way to see Jessica Simpson and Shannon being a good sister and coming along!

Shannon and I just pondering life on Cinco de Mayo. I have no idea whey I'm wearing a sweat band above my elbow. I also want to know what Shannon's thinking about!

Me and Kayla at a football game sophomore year. This was our first foray into wearing our formal wear to football games like all good southerners. 

Sometimes I look at these girls in college now and I think "Wow, you look like 23!" This....ladies (and gents)...is what true college looks like. Sure we couldn't afford extensions, lash tinting or sororities but we had free t-shirts from the student center and a pretty sweet DVD collection. And we may not have spent birthdays popping bottles at a swanky club but I'm a firm believer that the pajama party never goes out of style. 

My crew. Man I miss these days! This was Halloween a couple years back. And now here we are three engagements, two weddings, one baby later...and I got a cat. Just kidding, I hate cats.

Dominating Halloween Costume-ness 

Back when Whitney and I used to do Thursday night runs every month. I know I totally dissed on girls at the gym with their hair down in my last post. Running in full makeup however is totally ok ;) 

Rina and I a year after college. I clearly remember this night because I was making eyes at a cute boy (making eyes can be read staring at him until he looked and then looking away...gosh I have mad game). About two minutes after this picture was taken, my heel got caught in the chair rail and I plummeted face first onto the bar floor. And THAT ladies, is how you hook them. Just kidding, I believe he actually laughed and we left the bar immediately.

What's one of your favorite memories?! 

Here's hoping today's day turn into glory days of their own!



P!nky said...

Love these blasts from the past. Your Halloween costume was on POINT, lady! You are so talented!

I've done the fall after making eyes at a guy….oops, it happens!

<3 you!

shannon v. said...

Oh man, these pictures remind me that I used to be silly and fun. That Halloween picture is a good one. I miss those days too.

BLovedBoston said...

These are such fun pictures to look back on and remember the fun times!!! Blogging is hard, getting inspiration is hard and finding time is so hard!! But for my sake I hope you keep blogging :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Shannon said...

Dude - in Buffalo, making eyes is called "flirty eyes" and I was a boss at that in my mid 20's. Pretty sure that's how I snagged Andy. Well that and I wore a tight little hoodie with the hood up and just that little hood got him to notice me.

And my rack.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Blogging definitely has its ups and downs - I went through a month a while back where I wanted nothing to do with writing or commenting or the 'keeping up with the Joneses' feelings. Luckily it past and I hope it does for you, too! Loved the throwback selfie ;) Thank God for iPhones!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

I just started following your blog recently and I think it's great. I actually laughed out loud at more than once. Your humor is on point with my humor. :) I also love the old college pics, I feel like going back and reliving those days through pictures is nice occasionally...and saves a lot of damage on the liver by going back and actually physically reliving those days!

Angel said...

looking back at pictures is an all time favorite and happens way too often. and to go along with today's post..im so ready to have january in the past too. ready for spring now. the downfall after christmas sucks. love you have a great weekend!