Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday's Letters...The one with the split, the cheating and the things you need to know about a car

Story of my life.
Story of my life...unless I'm introducing myself to someone hot and then I usually just say my name and walk off. 

Dear Healthy Eating...I cheated on you yesterday with the biggest, nastiest gas-station-iest cheese danish ever. Sometimes a girl just needs some bread....slathered in icing. Dear My Car...One would think when it comes to cars all you need to know is how to drive one and how to put gas in one. But, as it turns out, one might also need to know how to defrost the windows so that one is not stuck on the side of the road unable to see out one's windshield....hypothetically. 

Dear My Old Man Slippers...You are my favorite thing. I don't even care that from the ankles down I look like my name should be Harold or Walter. I know for most girls it's come home, bra off but for me it's come home, old man slippers on. (And as a side note ladies, you really shouldn't ditch the bra that early on...I hear gravity is a beast!) Dear Ed Sheeran...You have me officially obsessed with Thinking out loud. I've only listened to it about 70 times this week. 
"your soul could never grow old" - Bing Images

Dear My Full Split....We are sooooo close! I mean if they ever make a Magic Melissa, I'll be ready

Happy Friday You Lovely Readers.
Hope you survived your first full week back to work/school/life!



Jenn said...

I have some old man slippers too and they are amazing!!! No shame! :)
Go you on the almost full split!!! You are wayyyyyy better than me lol
Have a great weekend!

P!nky said...

I've done the on the side of the road thing before, it's cool, nbd!

Love your slippers, aren't they the best at keeping your feet warm?!?! Who needs fashion right?

I 100% support your magic melissa DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLovedBoston said...

I sometimes wear my husband's slippers because they are cozier than mine even though they are like 10 sizes too big lol! Hope you have a great weekend dear and great work on that split! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Tiffany said...

I've had Thinking Out Loud on repeat for the last two weeks....I'm in love with it and you picked my favorite line!

Shannon said...

If you star in Magic Melissa, I will show up to watch it on opening day. Unless Melissa wears old man slippers.

MonicaLeeBlog said...

Girl, Old man slippers alllllll the way! These letters definitely made me laugh. I need to join in on Fridays Letters next week! Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

I love old man slippers. I think they are cute. I don't even care.

I also think it is adorable that you didn't know how to work the defrost. I also just recently learned this.

Isn't Thinking Out Loud amazing??!!! I have had it on repeat for the last two months. Makes my heart all lovey dovey and such nonsense.

love you. have a good weekend and i took some inspiration from you and blogged friday's letters :)

Jamie said...

I want a pair of those slippers. I was going to say "those slippers" but eeww. Slippers are gross after a few wears.

Rissy said...

hahahahahahah "magic melissa" ... dying

Unknown said...

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