Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday's Letters....Sunless, Defiled Brownies and Bosom Greetings

too puny
You know you laughed

Dear Atlanta...You conscious-uncoupled with the sun gwyneth-paltrow-style. I'm going to need you to make up. I can only handle so much drizzle. We're all turning into Eeyore's down here! Dear Kids Cuisine...I thought they no longer made you however I spotted you in the store the other day. You were the best, except for how the corn would always pop out of it's container and defile your brownie. Dear Girl at the gym with the giant knockers...While I truly can appreciate a big perky set, I would really appreciate it if you would not de-robe right next to the locker room door. Twice this week I've been startled by your bouncing bosom greeting. Dear Maroon 5...I don't know where I've been all these years but I'm recently loving all your songs. Loving can be interpreted as listening to the same song over and over again until I suddenly hate it. Dear My Blonde Hair...You are the devil. While you were fun, you totally destroyed my hair. It won't stop breaking and I swear if one more person asks me if I cut my hair I'm going to have a big sloppy emotional meltdown right then and there. #firstworldproblems Anyone have some amazing anti-breakage products or tips?

I am headed out of town for a special reason which I can't wait to share more about. 

What are you up to this weekend?! 



Caitlin Elizabeth said...

I do the same thing with songs! Repeat and repeat until I can't stand the sound of it anymore haha. Have a fun weekend getaway! Hope you get some sun :)

P!nky said...

We have the dreary grey weather up here, too. I'm hoping the sun comes out today, we need the SUNSHINE!

Your hair is beautiful, I love it and was so jealous when I saw you in real life. You rock that blonde so well. I try not to wash/heat my hair as much when it starts breaking, that's all I've got, sorry.

I'm a serial song repeater, ain't no shame in that!

Happy Friday, muffin!

Pamela C said...

Try loreal natures therapy mega moisture cream conditioner from Sally's beauty supply... It is a miracle worker!

Ericka said...

haha I totally cracked up at the Bert and Ernie photo. Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

Beware: here comes OCD shannon.

That comic of Ernie and Bert should be either

"Sure, Bert"

b/c that's how it's spelled.

Do you hate me now?
(I hope not!)

Please don't hate me.